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57156The job hunt continues ...

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  • Prairie Primitives Folk Art
    May 27, 2013
      But first, has anyone noticed that it takes several days for messages to
      post to this group? Messages that I sent as much as a week ago just showed
      up with yesterday's date.

      Now back to the job hunting! I had another interview last week. It was
      weird and a little uncomfortable. The interviewers were 2 ladies and
      between them they only had 6 questions to ask me. One of the questions they
      asked was about the training I've had which makes me the best candidate for
      the job. They probably did not expect me to hand them a list of all of the
      emergency preparedness training classes that I've taken! (In case you're
      familiar with this type of work, the classes include SIMS, NIMS, and about
      a dozen online FEMA classes.) Prior to the interview, I thought I might
      have had a bit of an edge because the job is in the Emergency Preparedness
      office for the state, and I worked in the county's Emergency Preparedness
      office for a few months before getting laid off in 2009. Now I'm mostly
      concerned that they've been trying to fill this position since February!
      With so many people still unemployed, if they have really been trying to
      fill this position, why haven't they been able to fill it in 3 months???

      I have one interview scheduled for this week, on Wednesday. I'm not super
      excited about this interview, but I do need a job!


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