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57149Re: [LesbianCoffeeHouse] Job hunting (was Re: Thanks for the Welcome!)

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  • Diann
    May 26, 2013
      Sounds like that interview went well!  Strange that they acted squirrelly about letting you know either way!  Keep us posted!


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      Subject: [LesbianCoffeeHouse] Job hunting (was Re: Thanks for the Welcome!)


      Diann wrote: "Job hunting is hell and they NEVER hold to the timeframes
      they tell you. EVER. I hope you get the better State job, maybe you will be
      lucky and they will drag their feet until you know about the State job."

      It's now been more than a week since my first interview, but I've still not
      heard from her. Think I'll send her an email today asking if she's made a
      decision yet. I don't care if the answer is no! OK, well, I do, but the not
      knowing is the worst!

      The State interview was Wednesday. I think it went reasonably well. I
      haaaate "panel" interviews, but the lead dude at this interview tried to
      put me at ease from the beginning ... said it was just a conversation
      (yeah, right!), and the other 2 panel members were each sitting on their
      own side of the table, so it wasn't a "me vs. them" feeling as many panels
      have been. They're hoping to find someone with "facilities" experience,
      which I don't have, but at least I was able to give them a good reason for
      being interested in a job with their Agency! Also, the lead dude said
      (several times) "that was the best answer you could have given" so that
      made me feel like it was going well. And since they invited me to
      interview, there MUST be something in my resume or cover letter which
      caught their attention! All 3 of the panel members sounded like I'd put
      them on the spot when I asked if I would hear either way (whether I was
      hired or not). Lead dude finally said that he'd call with good news and one
      of the ladies could reply if it wasn't good news. This job is about 3/4
      time, but that's fine with me as it would leave me some free time for my
      art ... and that makes me happy!


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