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Lehigh Valley Anti Sweatshop Action Dec 1

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  • AmnestyGrrl@aol.com
    Please fwd this to everyone you know before Dec 1, 2001 *** Many of you remember last year s awesome, successful, fun, antisweatshop campaign run by freedom
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2001
      Please fwd this to everyone you know before Dec 1, 2001

      Many of you remember last year's awesome, successful, fun, antisweatshop campaign run by freedom amnesty and lehigh valley food not bombs.  well guess what, the holiday shopping season is just beginning and its that time again!  


      *GAP INC--the Largest Clothing Retailer in the US & 2nd Largest in the
      World--just announced a $178.8 MILLION DOLLAR LOSS this quarter (note
      Nordstrom and Kohl's posted gains, so it's not just the economy). Profits
      have been steadily dropping for two years now, but until this quarter, Gap
      Inc had always made a profit. This is their FIRST LOSS since the launching
      of the Consumer Pressure Campaign in November 1998, and it's HUGE (~$400
      Million down from last year). This means that a Redwood Wildlife Preserve
      and a Living Wage for all Gap contract workers could be imminent!!! IT'S UP
      TO US!!!

      *THE PRESSURE IS MOUNTING!!! Not only is Gap Inc in serious financial
      trouble, but they just lost a motion to dismiss the CLASS-ACTION SUIT
      against them for SWEATSHOP ABUSES on Saipan: A U.S. District Court Judge
      held that the allegations, if proven at trial, were sufficient to establish
      liability of both the factories and retailers for engaging in a "conspiracy"
      to use peonage labor in violation of racketeering laws.
      On top of this,
      Rainforest Action Network is circulating an environmental sign-on letter
      denouncing the phony "green label" certification that the Fishers--the San
      Francisco family who controls Gap Inc--bought last fall to take the heat off
      their REDWOOD FOREST DESTRUCTION in Northern California (over a quarter of a
      million acres).

      Nearly 200 Anti-Gap Actions have been scheduled around the world for December 1, 2001, the international day of Gap Action.  We need to be part of this.  This is my proposal.

      Who: Everyone (dressed inconspicuously)
      What: leafletting, fliering, infiltrating pockets
      Where: Meet at the Arby's at the Lehigh Valley Mall just like before
      When: 12 noon on Saturday December 1, 2001. We'll stay until they kick us out or til we have to go. come for as long or short as you can.
      Why: Because this is so fucking important. And so much fun!

      I will take care of getting all fliers. if you wanna bring some, bring them. i will take care of bringing tape for bathroom stalls as well. just show up. bring a few friends, and be prepared to be incredibly shady. try not to wear actual gap clothing. thanks.

      My # is 610-570-8782. please respond to me by phone or email as soon as you know or if you have any ideas of other things we could do. this is very important. thanks in advance for your participation.


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