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Re: [LeftLibertarian2] Glenn Beck -- "Anarchists" Are for "Total Government"

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  • Dan Clore
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    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 3, 2010
      Dan Clore wrote:
      > Kevin Carson wrote:
      >> On 2/28/10, Dan Clore <clore@...> wrote:
      >>> The video can be found here: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/125837
      >>> Transcript (about 8:50 forward -- Beck is pointing to a
      >>> blackboard diagram):
      >> I was thinking about it last night, and
      >>> it's really not, it's really not a straight line like that, it's
      >>> more of a circle, okay, here are the *total government* people,
      >>> right here, they meet here, you've got the progressives, over
      >>> here, and you've got the *anarchists*, and I don't even know, the
      >>> fascists, the people who are hiding in the hills, with their
      >>> Nazi signs, I don't even know who those people are, but here they
      >>> are, they're here, on the left and the right, the crazy people,
      >>> who don't really like America, got it? In this group, you have
      >>> communists, like Van Jones, you have, he's a 9/11 truther, you
      >>> have Medina, she's not a communist, she's not an anarchist, she's
      >>> really more of a, uh, this is a woman that's running for Texas
      >>> governor, but she is a 9/11, uh, truther, or at least thinks that
      >>> there are some good questions that haven't been answered, I agree
      >>> with you, but one of them is not did George Bush blow up the
      >>> World Trade Center, here's Alan Keyes, he's a birther, this guy,
      >>> what is this guy's name again, he's a Democrat, he's one of the
      >>> original birthers, what's his name, Philip Berg, he's a Democrat,
      >>> he was the first birther, or one of the first ones [video ends]."
      >> I think it's his clumsy attempt at reitering the old "extremes
      >> meet" cliche, although he doesn't seem to have any clear idea of
      >> the meaning of the political labels he's throwing around.
      >> And the implication that Beck's one of the people in the sane,
      >> sensible center is rather amusing.
      >> Stumbling across Goldberg's *Liberal Fascism* just roont him,
      >> IMO--not that there was much to ruin in the first place.
      >>> So: anarchist = progressive = communist = fascist = crazy = Nazi
      >>> = birther = Democrat = 9/11 truther = total government people!
      >> Well of course. If Obama can be not only a fascist and a Marxist
      >> at the same time, but a Marxist and a closet Muslim (his excessive
      >> sympathies for *Reverend* Jeremiah Wright from the Church of
      >> *Christ* notwithstanding), it shouldn't be too hard to work
      >> "anarchist" into the mix as well.
      > Nolan Chart has recently had an enormous increase in traffic,
      > apparently because Glenn Beck told his viewers to go to the site and
      > take the test there. I've got to write this up in a column and
      > educate them--



      Dan Clore

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