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    IN THIS ISSUE -Hotties for Ron Paul Calendar Update -Radical Caucus: Two new debate and discussion lists, website help wanted -Platform proposals: Restore04,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2008

      -Hotties for Ron Paul Calendar Update
      -Radical Caucus: Two new debate and discussion lists, website help wanted
      -Platform proposals: Restore04, World's Smallest Political Platform,
      Greatest Hits
      -Kubby campaign news: Steve Kubby radio show; visits to State Chairs
      Conference in Las vegas, Nevada and California Convention in San Diego
      planned for February
      -Susan Hogarth of the radical caucus questions Bob Barr's
      contributions to numerous GOP campaigns last year


      1) I am in the process of interviewing Juliet Annerino, who put
      together the Hotties 4 Ron Paul calendar. Juliet is also Ms. July.
      Pics and questions. Add your questions in comments for round two.








      2) New Radical Caucus lists, website in the works

      Due to different needs and expectations of what people want from our
      lists we now have broken up the LP Radical Caucus list into three lists


      This list is for open discussion between radical & reformer LP
      members. It is intended to be a space where the debate is unmoderated
      and all ideas from both camps are encouraged.


      This is the open discussion list for the LP Radical Caucus.
      However it is still for internal caucus discussion, not debate with


      This is the working group for the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus.
      This list is here to facilitate development of strategy and the
      accomplishing of specific tasks to strengthen the Libertarian Party as
      a radical political party. This is not a general discussion list about
      libertarianism or radicalism. If you are looking for a discussion of
      radical libertarianism, please join the other two groups. Although no
      mailing list can be considered confidential, users are asked not to
      crosspost from this list without explicit permission from a post's author.

      If you are interested in helping us with designing a new Radical
      Caucus website (or a new Kubby website, unconnected with the Radical
      Caucus) please email me at KUBBY2008 at GMAIL.com


      3) There are currently three main proposals for the Libertarian Party

      A) RESTORE 04 by LP Founder David Nolan

      "More than 100 members of the Libertarian Party, including its
      founder, a former Presidential candidate, and two of the 2008
      Presidential aspirants, have signed a petition calling on the 2008
      Platform Committee and convention delegates to restore the 2004
      Platform as the starting point for the 2008 version. The petition
      appears on the website of the newly-formed Restoration Caucus:


      The first 100 endorsers of the proposal signed up in less than
      three days, with more names coming in at about one per hour, according
      to website coordinator Jack Dean. "We're very pleased by this
      enthusiastic response," he said. "We launched the site on December 26,
      and were hoping for 100 signers by year-end. To reach that goal in
      only three days shows that a lot of Libertarians are very unhappy with
      what happened at the Portland convention in 2006, and want to undo the
      damage that was done there."

      Among the high-profile Libertarians signing the first day were
      Presidential contenders Steve Kubby and Christine Smith. Anyone
      wishing to join them in this effort to keep the LP "the party of
      principle" is urged to log on at www.restore04.com and sign the petition."

      B) Worlds Smallest Political Platform by Tom Knapp


      The full text of the platform is

      "The Libertarian Party supports reducing the size, scope and power of
      government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the
      size, scope or power of government at any level or for any purpose."

      C) Greatest Hits Platform by Brian Holtz


      This platform is compiled from selective parts of all the platforms
      from 1971 to 2006. It has the support of several members of the
      current platform committee, including its author.


      4) Presidential candidate Steve Kubby will be back on the road in
      February. He has announced plans to be at a minimum of two out of town
      events next month

      A) The 2008 Leadership Conference

      "What: 2008 Leadership Conference

      Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

      When: Presidents' Day Weekend, 2008 (February 15-17)

      In the past, you may have heard some refer to this meeting as the
      "State Chairs' Conference". It's not. Every state chair should be
      there and a meeting of the state chairs will conclude the event. But,
      it is so much more than a meeting of a mere 50 people.

      The annual Leadership Conference is a meeting of all Libertarian
      activists, organizers, candidates, and financial supporters. No
      matter which category or categories you fit in, you will find more
      events that will interest you than you will be able to do.

      This is where all Libertarians gather with the single purpose of
      building our party's structural integrity beyond the level required to
      defeat the other two parties. There will be an eight hour seminar on
      activist and candidate training. There will be job training for county
      and state officers, from filing with the FEC to how to organize
      volunteers in your area to organizing new affiliate parties in your

      Those who will be attending the 2008 National Convention on Memorial
      Day in Denver need to attend the 2008 Leadership Conference in
      preparation. I hope everyone goes to our national convention. It is
      hands down the biggest event of the Party, occurring every two years.
      And the Annual Leadership Conference in Las Vegas will prepare first
      time convention goers to perform their responsibilities at the Convention.

      At the 2008 Leadership Conference, the platform committee will meet,
      the bylaws committee will meet, and there will be various seminars on
      how to be a better and more effective delegate, with topics ranging
      from Roberts' Rules of Order to Conventioneering.

      If you have ever wanted to attend a meeting of the Libertarian
      National Committee, you will have your chance on this glorious three
      day weekend in Las Vegas.

      Additionally, the tentative schedule of events includes both a debate
      of our Presidential candidates and a debate of our candidates for
      chair of the 2008 LNC. There will also be forums and lectures,
      concerning how we reach out to both Democrats and Republicans now that
      their combined approval rating is less than 50%. It's closer to 25%.
      The glass isn't even half full for the other two parties. Right now,
      conference planners are finding libertarian leaning Republicans and
      Democrats; to give their perspective on where the two party system has
      the weakest psychological hold on the electorate and where the LP
      should be staking out political ground.

      There will be seminars from individuals accomplished in the fields of
      fundraising and marketing. In short it is the goal of the Leadership
      Conference organizers to offer a conference where you just can't see
      everything you want to."

      Venue info: http://www.langguth-us.net/lpsc/venue.html

      Several other presidential candidates will also be present.

      B) California state convention


      In other campaign news, Kubby has recently started a radio show five
      days a week and hired a new campaign manager. Archives of past shows
      are available on the Blog Talk Radio page.

      UPCOMING guests

      1/7/2008 -Dennis Peron
      1/8/2008 - Degé Coutee
      1/9/2008 - Wayne Justman
      1/10/2008 - Carla Howell

      PAST guests

      1/4/2008 - Thomas M. Sipos
      1/3/2008 - Bill McPike - Cannabis Defense Attorney
      1/2/2008 - Stephen Gordon
      12/31/2007 - Jack Herer
      12/28/2007 - Susan Hogarth
      12/26/2007 - Brian Holtz
      12/24/2007 - Angela Keaton
      12/21/2007 - Allen St. Pierre, NORML
      12/20/2007 - Edie Lerman, Cannabis Defense Attorney
      12/19/2007 - Jack Herer
      12/18/2007 - Ed Rosenthal
      12/17/2007 - Mark Gailey
      12/14/2007 - Marc Emery
      12/13/2007 - David Nolan
      12/12/2007 - George Phillies / Keith Stroup, founder of NORML
      12/11/2007 - Shane Cory

      Talk show co-host and new Kubby campaign manager, Richard Cowan,
      formerly headed up NORML.


      5) Susan Hogarth of the LP Radical Caucus in not happy about the Bob
      Barr leadership PAC.


      "Friday, January 04, 2008
      Bob Barr's Republican PAC
      Bob Barr runs a Republican PAC. There is NO WAY he should be on the
      LNC, and it will be a serious embarrassment - one that I hope the LNC
      will rethink immediately - if they insist on having him as the
      *keynote speaker* at the LP convention in Denver (as is the current plan).


      Committee Details:
      Interest Group Category:
      Type: Qualified Non-Party
      Designation: Unauthorized
      Party Designation: REP
      Connected Organization: NONE

      Candidate Contributions: 2007-2008 Campaign Cycle
      Total 2007-2008 campaign contributions: $19000
      Sort by: Total | Name | State | Party
      Candidate Total
      Sessions, Jeff (R-AL) $1000
      Kingston, Jack (R-GA) $1000
      Shays, Christopher (R-CT) $1000
      Rehberg, Dennis (R-MT) $1000
      Craig, Larry (R-ID) $1000
      Graham, Lindsey (R-SC) $1000
      Flake, Jeff (R-AZ) $1000
      Pryce, Deborah (R-OH) $1000
      Coleman, Norm (R-MN) $1000
      Hensarling, Jeb (R-TX) $1000
      Smith, Gordon (R-OR) $1000
      Hayes, Robin (R-NC) $1000
      Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA) $2000
      Hagel, Chuck (R-NE) $2000
      Sununu, John (R-NH) $3000

      And, for apologists who think Barr made those contributions BEFORE he
      joined the LNC, look at some specifics for dates:



      Note especially:
      "Broun for Congress, Athens, GA $2,500 9/25/2007 IN KIND: DIRECT

      Bob Barr is contributing a direct mailing for at least one Republican
      candidate for congress. And he (Barr) is ON THE LNC. Anyone else see a
      problem with that?

      Some funny(!) ones:

      Citizens for Arlen Specter, Philadelphia, PA $1,000 8/31/2007

      Oooh, look! An actual Libertarian!:

      Friends of Arin Sime, Crozet, VA $500 9/11/2007 CONTRIBUTION

      I wonder if his Republican contributors know about that one?

      Amusing: look at the bracketing of his local/state LP contributions:

      Larry Craig for Senate, Boise, ID $1,000 5/8/2007
      Libertarian Party of Alabama, Birmingham, AL $500 6/22/2007 CONTRIBUTION
      Libertarian Party of California, Panorama City, CA $500 7/30/2007
      Libertarian Party of Florida, Fort Myers, FL $500 6/22/2007 CONTRIBUTION
      Libertarian Party of Georgia, Atlanta, GA $1,000 2/6/2007 CONTRIBUTION
      Libertarian Party of Georgia, Atlanta, GA $1,000 5/29/2007 CONTRIBUTION
      Libertarian Party of Georgia, Atlanta, GA $400 5/8/2007 CONTRIBUTION
      Libertarian Party of Mississippi, Jackson, MS $500 6/22/2007 CONTRIBUTION
      Libertarian Party of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC $500 6/22/2007
      Libertarian Party of South Carolina, Columbia, SC $500 6/22/2007
      Libertarian Party of Tennessee, Kingsport, TN $500 6/22/2007 CONTRIBUTION
      Lindsey Graham for Senate, Columbia, SC $1,000 6/22/2007

      Oh, and by the way - thanks for the $500 to NC, Mr. Barr. Too bad you
      gave EVEN MORE to Republican congressional candidates here in NC, such
      as the odious Mr. Hayes:

      Robin Hayes for Congress, Concord, NC $1,000 5/8/2007

      And, again, sincere thanks for the contribs to the national LP:

      The Libertarian National Committee, Washington, DC $2,000
      8/31/2007 CONTRIBUTION
      The Libertarian National Committee, Washington, DC $1,000 6/22/2007
      The Libertarian National Committee, Washington, DC $500 9/7/2007

      I have a big problem with this whole picture. Is there anyone who does
      NOT have a problem with an LNC member running a Republican PAC, and
      being invited to give the convention's keynote address?

      Barr should be asked to leave the LNC, and should most -definitely-
      not be asked to give the keynote address at our national convention.
      it's quite clear to me form these numbers that his heart is still with
      supporting the Republican Party and its candidates - and let's be
      crystal clear here, we're not talking about some case of a libertarian
      running within a major party as a tactical strategy - we're talking
      about committed members of the Republican establishment."
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