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  • Kevin Carson
    Mar 12 11:58 PM
      Welcome all.

      Please regard the comment portion of the membership application as pro
      forma--I just wanted to put membership on moderation so as to exclude

      And Neil, when I said "all are welcome without exception," I
      specifically had you in mind. All I really wanted was the list back
      as it was just a few days ago, your own free-for-alls included, but
      without the new activist approach to moderation. As for "herding
      cats," I hope to put a lot less effort into it than you've been doing.
      As i stated earlier, the only reason I'm enabling message moderation
      at all is to filter out spam. I pretty much take Jeff Riggenbach's
      approach of allowing anything from a live person who's participating
      in the list (short of cyberstalking or something else a lot more
      heinous than any of the remarks that have been exchanged in debates so
      far, I guess), up to the point of giving Lloyd's "elders of Zion"
      shtik the benefit of the doubt.
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