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  • karen Bates
    Thanks, Mike! I have now gotten 2 responses to my questions and I am in hopes that I can now begin ! I will let you all know how I do. I appreciate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2004
      Thanks, Mike!  I have now gotten 2 responses to my questions and I am in hopes that I can now "begin"!  I will let you all know how I do.  I appreciate everyones help more than you know!
      Happy New Year to all!!!

      Leathercrafters101@yahoogroups.com wrote:
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      1. Re: Would someone please lend a hand?
      From: vanchap@...


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      Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 04:17:08 -0000
      From: vanchap@...
      Subject: Re: Would someone please lend a hand?


      You should get the leather wet and about the time that the original
      color starts to show again, start tooling. That will give you a good
      starting point and you can adjust from there. If the leather is
      cased (ready to tool) properly the leather will have a burnished
      look when you stamp it. You'll learn from trial and error from
      there and a lot of it will be personal preference as well but this
      should get you a place to start. For best results get the leather
      wet and then place it in a plastic bag overnight to get it evenly
      moist. Wipe with a moist sponge when you're ready to start and when
      the surface color dries down you're ready to go.

      Best wishes,

      --- In Leathercrafters101@yahoogroups.com, "privatecleaner"
      > Hi. I am brand new to this site and to leather tooling. I am
      > looking for someone in the NE N.C. or Tidewater, VA area (or even
      > Franklin, NC area) that might be able to help me with a little
      > instruction.
      > Let me begin at the beginning...
      > My brother was a wonderful leather tooler. He died suddenly in
      > He was my world! It is my wish to "follow in his footsteps" in
      > regard to his leather tooling, both as a tribute to him, and
      > of the beautiful work he did. I have inherited all of his
      > tools, beads, etc.
      > I have bought videos and books from Tandy Leather and don't have a
      > problem tooling the leather (for a beginner, that is), but I have
      > idea how to begin with the raw leather! How wet should the
      > be, how long do I let it dry before I start to tool it, how can I
      > tell? I really just need someone to show me this first step, so I
      > can begin to begin!
      > Is there anyone out there that can either help me or steer me in
      > right direction? I am located 13 miles from the VA line, in
      > County, NC.
      > Thanks in advance!
      > Karen.


      Custom belts, contact Dan at dantheleatherman@...

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