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Happy Thanksgiving

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  • Henry Hibbard
    When I checked my email this morning I had a message with Happy Thanksgiving in the subject line. It didn t make me happy. The message claimed to be from
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27 8:23 AM
      When I checked my email this morning I had a message with "Happy
      Thanksgiving" in the subject line. It didn't make me happy. The
      message claimed to be from sales@... It put up
      a shopping mall kind of page with a big ONE DAY SALE message. When I
      clicked on the leather belt link it took me to an on-line pharmacy to
      sell me Viagra. Somebody in Lagos Nigeria hates me. Ever since I had a
      phony web site taken down because they had coppied my handbag page and
      had the payments go to Nigeria I have had problems with spam emails
      using my email address. The only time I email using the leather Goods
      Connection email address is if there is a question about a pending
      order. Your order number will be in the subject line.

      I removed all the order buttons for the handbags for Dec. I need all
      the time I have for belt and wallet orders this time of year. The
      source for most of my handbag leather has switched tanneries and what
      they now have looks like vinyl. I'm looking for a new source, I have
      no idea what I'll have for bag leather in Jan.

      I wrote another article on "Handbag conversion" on my blog
      http://henrysleathernews.blogspot.com on the menu it is, November #4
      The previous one was about hand lacing handbags. This one is about
      moving up to the use of sewing machines.

      I got my latest issue of "Shop Talk" The leather Retailers and
      Manufacturers' Journal. (www.proleptic.net) It seems to paint a dismal
      future for the industry. The demise of the leather industry in the US
      started when the shoe industry left the country. With it went all the
      other business that supplied it. If the auto industry goes, the US
      won't be able to build anything.

      Leather Goods Connection unlike the rest of the domestic leather
      industry is doing well. There are people that I trained in two other
      shops making some of the orders. If you wondered why your order was
      shipped from MN or WI when you placed your order with LGC in GA that
      is the reason. The orders come in here and I send the over flow to the
      other shops.

      I want to mention another Publication that I love. It's the catalog
      from Lindsay Publications. www.lindsaybks.com They sell reprints of
      old technical books. On the back of the latest issue:
      "Take time out from those important discussions with your broker to
      invest in something that will provide returns forever - returns that
      no one can shut off - the returns that come from knowing something...
      having a skill. Yes in this world there are only a very few people who
      know what they are doing. You and I both know your broker isn't one of
      I bought a book on plastic injection molding. I sent one on deep
      hole drilling and making gun barrels to my machinest brother in-law.

      It was from their catalog that I learned about "Thomas Edison-types".
      I use that method when I train people to make leather goods. It works
      like this... Thomas Edison decided what he wanted to invent, then
      tried everything until he found something that worked. When asked,
      "How do you increase your success rate", he replied, "You increase
      your failure rate".

      So now, after telling someone how to do the job and what not to do...
      and when they screw it up by doing what I said not to do, instead of
      going balistic like I used to, and yelling something like... "I might
      as well have been talking down the toilet"... I smile and say, "I see
      you are making progress". I call it my Edison method.

      Next week I'm off to a handbag factory in the Dominican Republic to
      find out if I have anything to offer that will increase their success
      rate. Maybe I'll come back with interesting news.

      As always, if you want to drop out, the unsubscribe button is at the
      very bottom of this email.

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