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44th Benkyoukai (Study Forum) Richard Harrison "Online Communities for Teaching Japanese."

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  • Keiko Schneider
    Dear fellow language professionals and techies, Info Page: SenseiOnline presents 44th
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2004
      Dear fellow language professionals and techies,

      Info Page:

      SenseiOnline presents 44th Benkyoukai (Study Forum)
      Richard Harrison "Online Communities for Teaching Japanese."
      May 29th (Saturday), 2004

      May 29th (Saturday), 2004 at 8pm Japan time
      May 29th (Saturday) 1am Hawaii, 4am PDT, 6am CDT, 7am EDT, 11am GMT,
      noon London, 9pm Sydney, 11pm New Zealand, if this calculation is
      correct. To be sure, please go to (<http://www.timezoneconverter.com/>)

      How long?
      For about 50 minutes

      Whos is the invited speaker?
      Richard Harrison

      You can find a full CV at

      I originate from Manchester,UK, now living in Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan.
      My original career was in software engineering working at Salford
      University in Manchester, UK. I read for a degree in
      Japanese/Linguistics at Sheffield University in the UK in order to do
      research into natural language processing, but (it's a long story!)
      ended up becoming a teacher of Japanese. In 1988 I gained a BA Dual
      Honors Degree (Class One) in Japanese/Linguistics. I then taught
      Japanese in the UK until 1994, developing a range of Hypercard stacks
      for learning Japanese. In 1994 I moved to Melbourne University,
      Australia, where I taught Japanese and began to use the Internet in a
      series of Monbusho research projects with Prof Izumi Saita of Tohoku
      University. We used e-mail, mailing lists, internet video conferencing
      and web page creation software for collaborative project between
      Australian/Japanese students. In 1998 I gained a Masters Degree in
      Education (Educational Technology) at Monash University, Australia. In
      1998 I came to Japan, working on an internet project at the Japan
      Foundation Kansai centre for one year and then 4 years at Nagoya
      University developing software for learning Japanese including Jewels
      Virtual Nagoya Univeristy System, Japanese WebQuests, ECIS Internet
      Hosokyoku. I taught a course in Educational Technology forJapanese
      Language eduction to Japanese postgraduate students. I am currently an
      Associate Professor at Kobe University International Student Center,
      Japan, having moved there in February of this year. I am teaching 5
      classes of Japanese a week to International students, ranging from
      beginners to advanced. I am also responsible for running a computer lab
      of 25 Macintosh iBook clients and OSX server using wirless lan. I am
      use this lab twice a week for listening comprehension/oral discussion
      classes using digitial video and Quicktime streaming technology. I also
      teach Oral English Research at Kansai Gaidai University once a week and
      we are exploring the issue of identity (including identity in the
      Internet Age). My main theoretical motivations come from the theory of
      social constructivism the most influential book I have read so far is
      Driscoll, M. P. 1994. Psychology of learning for instruction , and my
      most influential web site (apart from Keiko's which is my most used?)
      is the WebQuest site .

      What is going to happen?
      Richard sensei's paper is at

      So read the paper above and go to TAPPED IN with the new interface.
      There, you will be able to discuss this topic with Richard sensei and
      others from around the world. TAPPED IN is open to everybody and the
      presentation will be done in English.

      TAPPED IN is letting us use their space. Please go to
      for detailed Guest log in info. No sign up necessary. Please log in a
      few minutes early to get used to the environment or do practice before
      the actual session.

      If I can't attend? If I am too sleepy?
      The log of the event will be available in PDF format after several days
      after the event. Please visit:

      Please send any question to the Manager of senseiOnline at
      senseionline-owner@yahoogroups.com I look forward to seeing you all!

      Sincerely yours,
      Keiko Schneider

      Keiko Schneider (kschnei@...)
      Bookmarks: http://www.sabotenweb.com/bookmarks
      Manager, SenseiOnline:
      Executive Board ATJ 2003-2006:
      HelpDesk volunteer at TAPPED IN: http://www.tappedin.org/new
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