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  • Nik Peachey
    Dear All Apologies for cross posting. hope you find this of interest. SearchEnglish News 15th December 2003 This newsletter is to keep you informed of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2003
      Dear All

      Apologies for cross posting. hope you find this of interest.

      SearchEnglish News 15th December 2003

      This newsletter is to keep you informed of developments on the SearchEnglish portal. http://searchenglish.britishcouncil.org

      Dear All

      With Christmas coming activity on the site will be slowing down a little. We will however be trying to keep you informed about the World Summit on the Information Society with links to a collection of the best news articles from around the web.

      Also, we would like to draw your attention to the range of free materials you can download from the Documents section of some of our discussion groups. Just go to the group and click on documents if you'd like any of these.

      1. CALL Tips
      This groups contains 9 documents designed to help teachers develop their ICT skills specific to creating ELT materials.

      2. Citizenship
      Designed to support British Council seminar on "Language Teaching and Citizenship in International Contexts" (30 March - 4 April 2003) this group contains 15 documents including:
      -: 5 case studies
      -: 3 Presentations
      -: A log of the forum discussion from the event.

      3. ELT Bloggers
      This group contains 2 Documents donated by Graham Stanley which were designed to help students use Blog technology.

      4. ICT in ELT
      This group contains:
      -: a web based lesson designed around a chat bot.
      -: a zipped up teacher training session on how to use Online Learning Environments
      -: a list of some of the best Interactive websites to use for teaching

      5. Teacher trainers
      This group contains a zipped up training session for developing teachers abilities to correct student error.

      6. Using Songs in ELT
      This group contains Ideas for using songs in the classroom.

      7. Video in ELT
      This groups contains documents on:
      -: task design for viewing video clips
      -: a lesson designed around a music video
      -: ideas for exploiting video clips
      -: a lesson for using an online video with rationale (donated by Jacqui Cyrus)

      8. Web Quest
      This group contains a zipped up teacher training session for developing teachers' abilities to create online teaching activities.

      If you feel you have anything that you could contribute to any of our Discussion groups please send it to: search.admin@...


      Our range of teacher training materials for the SearchEnglish site also continues to grow. If you would like copies of any of the materials below just drop a line to Nik.Peachey@... stating which materials you would like.
      1. Advice for Discussion group moderators
      2. Creating a Discussion group
      3. Joining a Discussion group
      4. Registering
      5. Creating a profile
      6. Creating and posting to Forums
      7. PowerPoint presentation of SearchEnglish
      8. Presentation Notes
      9. Hands on Orientation and evaluation document

      Lastly we would like send all of you our best wishes for the New Year.


      Nik Peachey
      Manager Teaching Websites
      British Council ELT Group

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