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    Hi All Hope this is of interest here. Apologies for cross posting. Nik Peachey ___________________________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2003
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      Hi All

      Hope this is of interest here. Apologies for cross posting.

      Nik Peachey
      SearchEnglish News 4th December 2003

      This newsletter is to keep you informed of developments on the
      SearchEnglish portal. http://searchenglish.britishcouncil.org

      If you go to the Video in ELT discussion group and look in the Document
      section you can now find materials for exploiting an authentic online video
      website. The materials are accompanied by a rationale. These were sent in
      by Jacqui Cyrus. In the Forum of the Video in ELT group Jacqui says;

      “I have been using video clips as essay prompts for ESL college students in
      an advanced composition class. I would like to make a presentation at a
      local conference at the beginning of the Spring semester about my students'
      reactions. Do you have any published citations that might give me some
      input about how other instructors have used the same technology in their

      If you can help Jacqui and have suggestions or would like to see the
      materials and help with some feedback go to
      http://searchenglish.britishcouncil.org and click on Discussion groups and
      go to Video in ELT. If you click on Forum you can add your comments.
      Remember that to post comments to the forums you need to be logged in.

      We now have an updated PowerPoint presentation that has been adjusted to
      take into account recent changes in the SE interface.

      - Next training materials will be guidance for Discussion group moderators,
      so if you would like to get a copy of those drop us a line at:

      - The materials will be sent to you by email, so be sure you have room in
      your email box to receive them.

      As ever we are constantly improving and looking for ways to improve our
      database, so if you know of any ELT or Educational Technology related
      journals which are free to view please do drop us a line at:

      There are two new discussion groups this month, one set up by Ugur Kýrým in
      Turkey to discuss matters related to vocabulary teaching and another set up
      by Houda Bouslama in Tunisia to exchange ideas and materials related to
      teaching EFL to university students.

      - Remember that if you are holding a training event, conference or seminar
      then we can help you by providing a dedicated Discussion group for your
      event and technical support and mentoring to help you use it effectively.
      For more information contact: Nik.Peachey@...

      Best wishes from the SearchEnglish Team.

      As ever, we welcome your feedback and comments at:

      mail2web - Check your email from the web at
      http://mail2web.com/ .
    • Nik Peachey
      Apologies for cross posting and hope you find this of interest. SEARCHENGLISH NEWS http://searchenglish.britishcouncil.org Welcome to the first SE newsletter
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 15, 2004
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        Apologies for cross posting and hope you find this of interest.



        Welcome to the first SE newsletter of 2004.

        We have big plans for SE in the coming year and hope to continue to develop
        the portal to best serve your needs so keep an eye out for new developments.

        We now average around 5,000 visitors a month and have over 1,000 registered
        members who benefit from their own personalised search engine results
        delivered via email. If you'd like to be one of them just register by
        clicking on Login. It's quick, safe and free.


        Our first SE mini-project, based around exploiting animated online video
        clips, is off to a good start and the project information and materials have
        already been downloaded by hundreds of teachers around the globe. It's not
        too late to get a copy and join in this collaborative project, just got to
        the ICT in ELT discussion group and click on documents and you should see it

        Contributions of ideas and materials for the project should then be sent to

        If you would like to suggest a theme for a mini project drop us a line at


        In the coming months we would like to start handing the Discussion groups
        over to our users and getting more people involved in the community. At
        present we are looking for volunteer group moderators for the following
        discussion groups. If you think you would like to be involved and would like
        more information about what's involved please drop us a line at:

        At present we would like volunteer moderators for the following groups, but
        remember if there's an area of particular interest to you, we can set up a
        dedicated group for you.

        -: Business English

        -: CALL tips

        -: ELT Bloggers

        -: Language Exchange

        -: Teacher Trainers

        -: Using Songs in ELT

        -: Video in ELT

        -: WebQuest

        NEW GROUPS

        We have added another Discussion group based around Project management and
        ELT. This group has been added to support and extend the work of a British
        Council seminar on this subject to be held in Cambridge on 9-15 February
        2004 and if you would like more information on this please visit


        We are continuing to add to and develop our database of links so that you
        get better results. We have also added information about how to improve your
        results by using Boolean searches and you can either find the information on
        the HELP page or email us for a copy at: search.admin@...

        Lastly, many thanks to all those who visited, sent us feedback and supported
        us through 2003 and I hope that we can continue to develop and share our
        knowledge and experience together throughout 2004.

        As ever your feedback and suggestions are welcome at
        search.admin@... or just go to
        http://searchenglish.britishcouncil.org and click on FEEDBACK

        Nik Peachey
        Manager Teaching Websites
        British Council ELT Group
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