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Re: [IATEFLComputer Sig] Fwd: CALL at primary level

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  • Emma Arthur
    Dear Robert Here are some activities that might be of interest. I have been using ICT with young learners and teenagers for some time and a have been involved
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2003
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      Dear Robert

      Here are some activities that might be of interest. I have been using ICT with young learners and teenagers for some time and a have been involved in teacher training (online). The emphasis was on teachers developing their own skills in order to design material for the classroom. I hope to produce a website at some point - when I have time!

      1 Supportive Writing Technology: (can be used to support emergent writers and / children and teenagers with learning difficulities.)
      Software for mind mapping, planning and organising writing
      Talking word processors
      Using spellcheckers
      Use of Word prediction
      Use of Word banks

      2: Making a talking book to support listening and reading
      3: Making interactive activities to exploit a talking book
      4: Making multimedia for projects and topic work
      5: Children create their own talking book using Hyperstudio
      6: Using PowerPoint with a data projector to produce an electronic big book.
      7: Internet as a resource for projects and topic work
      8: Electronic portfolios as a form of assessment
      9: Making writing frames (talking)
      10: Adapting a web browser for special educational needs
      11: Integrating the language of mathematics into topic work using Paint
      12: Pupil self-evaluation using pupil evaluation sheet
      13: Clicker activities for EFL pupil with learning difficulties
      14. Introducing children to sending e-cards
      15: Using a digital video camera / digital photographs in the classroom
      16: Taking part in a European project
      17: Design a professional worksheet using Publisher
      18: Evaluate a program
      19: Website evaluation
      20: Using word processors effectively ( includes simple word processors designed for young learners.)
      21: Using Storybook Weaver and other simple DTP programs
      22: Designing a scheme of work for using ICT in the classroom.
      23: Types of assessment that can be considered when using ICT in ELT
      24: Considerations relating to Health & Safety and ICT in Schools
      25: Evaluate the impact of ICT on teaching and learning in your classroom

      Best wishes

      Emma Arthur MEd (TESOL), BEd (TEFL), Dip. Ed (primary)

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      Subject: [IATEFLComputer Sig] Fwd: CALL at primary level

      >I was wondering if any of the list members have done any research into the
      >area of using CALL and the internet in primary schools. Here at my
      >university in Spain we are beginning to work in this area with a group of
      >EFL teachers from local primary schools and I would be interested in
      >hearing from other CALL practitioners who have been involved in, or are
      >aware of, other projects involving CALL at primary level. Any literature
      >references or websites would also be very useful.
      >Many thanks in advance
      >Robert O'Dowd
      >Robert O'Dowd
      >Universidad de León
      >Fac. de Filosofía y Letras
      >Depto de Filología Moderna
      >24071 León
      >Tel: 0034 987 291084

      Robert O'Dowd

      Universidad de León
      Fac. de Filosofía y Letras
      Depto de Filología Moderna
      24071 León

      Tel: 0034 987 291084

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