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Online Learning Focus Group

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  • Corinne Wilhelm
    Hi, greetings from sunny Hamburg! One of my key objectives for clever2gether in Q3/Q4 in 2003 is to familiarise myself with a broad range of online learning
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2003
      Hi, greetings from sunny Hamburg!

      One of my key objectives for clever2gether in Q3/Q4 in 2003 is to
      familiarise myself with a broad range of online learning tools and I am in
      the process of testing out a series of options and feel that it would make
      more sense to exhange ideas and experiences with a focus group of learning
      professionals. Would you like to join me in this discovery?

      In the 'alpha' testing phase, I will be making up a focus group of trainers
      from a range of backgrounds and disciplines but there is a strong Business
      English focus at the moment, perhaps you can help me address the balance by
      forwarding this onto intercultural trainers, technology trainers etc.

      In the 'beta' testing phase, which you of course would be able run in
      parallel with your own students, there will be a focus group of students,
      probably ones that you enjoyed teaching, and / or would give you honest,
      constructive feedback. For those of you that decide to do some beta testing,
      we could exchange notes in a chat room environment like www.tappedin.org.

      I am inviting you to help me with the alpha testing of various forms of
      online learning, the only thing it will cost you is time - you will be able
      to experience a range of online tools and virtual classrooms first hand as a
      student, which in turn you might want to try out with your own students.

      If you are interested in being on the alpha testing focus group then I would
      appreciate it if you could send me a quick email and if not then, unless you
      tell me otherwise, I won't bother you with future online learning
      projects/trials, information etc. I quite understand that you are under a
      lot of time pressure, I have deliberately chosen the best trainers I know or
      discussion groups which I participate in, so for the events that we have to
      be online at the same time for, I will try and find times to suit your busy
      schedules, please let me know which time zone you are in when you answer.

      I would appreciate your support a great deal and I hope that you will enjoy
      the exposure to various types of online learning in exchange for your time
      and commitment to honest and constructive feedback - the aim is not to find
      an ideal solution but to test a variety of options and to analyse when they
      could be used for what. You will also get to know some other trainers, which
      is something I for instance always enjoy doing to exchange ideas.

      The first focus group 'virtual meeting' won't be until mid April, so when
      you get back to me please let me know what your availability is and which
      times in general are good for you, so for example in my case Tuesday and
      Thursday evenings are both ideal but I can also do this early in the morning
      or perhaps a time during the week or even the weekend. Depending on the
      amount of interest, we could even have more than one focus group, meaning
      that people could sign up for the time that suits them best. I suggest that
      each focus group should have no more than 6 trainers in it.

      If you know of any trainers, that would be interested in joining this
      project, then feel free to forward this email, but please bear in mind that
      the better the trainers involved, the more we can learn from each other. On
      this list there are university professors language trainers, other kinds of
      trainers and instuctional designers - the hope is to get a broad base of

      I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about online learning

      Have a great week!
      Corinne Wilhelm BA(Hons) DipM
      Corporate Learning Consultant
      Office + 49 (0) 4103 188730
      Mobile + 49 (0) 179 241 2515
      Fax +49 (0) 1212-5-16953629
      Op'n Klint 9a,
      22880 Wedel. Germany
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