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Re: AW: [IATEFLComputer Sig] Computers in Language Teaching Survey

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  • Peter Ruthven-Stuart
    Corinne Wilhelm, Thank you for your message of the 19th July in which you replied to my request to fill out a survey:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 30, 2002
      Corinne Wilhelm,

      Thank you for your message of the 19th July in which you replied to my
      request to fill out a survey:


      > I started doing the survey but it was going to take too long and the way you
      > asked wasn't exactly inspiring. Perhaps I'll come back to it later, I think
      > the response rate will be negatively affected by the volume of questions,
      > you should always tell people how long a survey like that will take to
      > complete so that they can manage their time.

      Yes, it is not the shortest of surveys. Initially, I planned to inform
      teachers how long they should expect to take to do the survey. However,
      various colleagues advised against this; they suggested that some people
      would not even look at the survey if they saw the estimated time.
      now that a number of people have done the survey, I can tell you that it
      takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

      > Why not add a little more "What's in it for me" factor, that would help a
      > lot

      Yes, I didn't explain why I am doing the survey, other than to write:

      The purpose of this survey is twofold:
      1) to discover the extent to which language teachers are incorporating
      computers into their language teaching.
      2) to find out what attitudes language teachers have towards the use of
      computers in teaching.

      Beyond these immediate goals of the survey, my purpose is to ascertain
      whether or not there is a 'Gulf' between those language teachers that
      use computers in their teaching and those that don't. My hypothesis is
      that there is a gulf (an IT-Gulf) and that the existence of it is both
      an immediate problem for those teachers wanting to practice CALL, and a
      long term problem for CALL in general.

      Thus it is my hope that the information I get from the survey and other
      sources, will provide me with enough data to make some presentations
      and write a few papers during the next year or so.

      I hope this goes some way to explaining 'what's in it for me'. When I
      have collated the data from the survey I will be putting the results on
      this page:


      Also, if I publish something based on the findings of the survey, I will
      be happy to send a copy to you.

      So, if you do have 20 minutes to do the survey your help and time will
      be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

      Peter Ruthven-Stuart

      Faculty of Foreign Languages
      Hokuriku University
      1-1 Taiyogaoka
      Kanazawa Shi
      Ishikawa Ken 920-1180
      Tel: +81 (0)76 229 6129 or +81 (0)76 229 1161 (ext. 537)
      Fax: +81 (0)76 229 1393
      Email: peterr-s@...
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