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22nd Benkyoukai: Keiko Schneider "TAPPED IN and senseiOnline: Open House"

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  • Keiko Schneider
    Dear fellow language professionals and techies, SenseiOnline presents 22nd Benkyoukai (Study Forum) Keiko Schneider TAPPED IN and senseiOnline: Open House
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2002
      Dear fellow language professionals and techies,

      SenseiOnline presents 22nd Benkyoukai (Study Forum)
      Keiko Schneider "TAPPED IN and senseiOnline: Open House"

      May 7- 8, 2002

      Section 1: May 7th (Tuesday) 10am MDT, 9am PDT
      6am Hawaii, 11am CDT, noon EDT, 4pm GMT, 5pm UK, 6pm France/Germany

      Section 2: May 7th (Tuesday) 5pm MDT, 4pm PDT
      1pm Hawaii, 6pm CDT, 7pm EDT, 11pm GMT; May 8th (Wednesday) 8am Japan,
      9am Sydney

      To be sure, please go to Timezone Converter at

      How long?
      For about 50 minutes

      Whos is the invited speaker?
      Keiko Schneider

      Keiko Schneider teaches ESL and Technology at Albuquerque TVI, designs
      and maintains education-related web sites, provides professional training
      for language teachers and consults on technology integration in
      education. She uses YahooGroups to facilitate asynchronous
      communication among senseiOnline community members (those who are
      concerened about teaching Japanese). For synchronous communication of the
      community, she organizes monthly "benkyoukai" ("study forum" in Japanese)
      using TAPPED IN for the group. She is a volunteer HelpDesk at TAPPED IN .

      Short description of the presentation

      There are two sections of the session to accommodate maximum
      participation of those who are interested around the globe. Keiko
      Schneider is the manager of senseiOnline list that is for those who are
      concerened about teaching Japanese. She uses TAPPED IN to organize live
      presentation called "benkyoukai" ("study forum" in Japanese). This
      session will appeal to:

      1) Educators who are interested in online professional development using
      TAPPED IN.
      2) Education leaders who maintain or are interested in building online
      3) Those who have heard about "benkyoukai", but never had guts to
      participate, but are quite curious.
      4) Those who like to find out about senseiOnline community.

      What is going to happen?

      Keiko's paper is at

      So read the paper above and go to TAPPED IN. There will be Scott
      and other participants. TAPPED IN is open to everybody and the
      presentation will be done in English.

      TAPPED IN is letting us use their space. Please go to
      for detailed Guest log in info. No sign up necessary. Please log in a
      few minutes early to get used to the environment or do practice before
      the actual session.

      If I can't attend? If I am too sleepy?
      The log of the event will be kept in After School Online Room at TAPPED
      IN and TAPPED IN members can retrieve it anytime. For non-members of
      TAPPED IN, please write to Keiko Schneider.

      Please send any question to the Manager of senseiOnline at
      kschnei@... I look forward to seeing you all!

      Sincerely yours,
      Keiko Schneider

      Keiko Schneider (kschnei@...)
      Bookmarks: http://www.sabotenweb.com/bookmarks
      Manager, SenseiOnline:
      Online Academic Conferences Chair, WAOE http://waoe.org
      HelpDesk volunteer at TAPPED IN: http://www.tappedin.org
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