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Computer SIG at York Conference

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  • dteeler@libero.it
    Dear Computer SIG and list members, Just writing to update information on the upcoming IATEFL Conference in York. Our active Coordinator, Tilly Warren, has
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2002
      Dear Computer SIG and list members,

      Just writing to update information on the upcoming IATEFL Conference in
      York. Our active Coordinator, Tilly Warren, has taken maternity leave, and
      I will be filling in as coordinator until her return. Best wishes to Tilly!

      1- The detailed conference schedule is now available online. Just go to the
      IATEFL homepage
      (www.iatefl.org) and click on Conference. There are various formats
      available for download: Adobe Acrobat, MS Word for Windows, MS Word for

      2- As far as I am aware, there are still a few spaces available for the PCE
      on Saturday, 23 March. This year we are holding a joint event with Media
      SIG between 10-4. The theme is Video Conferencing in Language Teaching. We
      have two speakers, one who is going to be there physically and one who is
      going to be virtual. Please see our SIG events page for more information on
      times and registering for the event.

      3- The Computer SIG Room for the conference is PL002. There are so many
      presentations and workshops of interest to SIG members this year, many of
      which will be held in this room. All SIG track talks, as well as the Open
      forum (12:50-13:10), will take place there on Monday, 24. Please stop by
      and give us your comments, ideas and input!

      4- I must apologize for the delay in getting the newsletter to you before
      the conference. I'm afraid that, despite my best intentions, my work
      schedule has gotten in the way of meeting my own deadline. The printer
      should have the newsletter to you by April. So, I've copied Tilly's latest
      letter as coordinator here below. It contains lots of information about
      talks at the conference. And if I can answer any questions, please feel
      free to contact me directly.

      Hope to see many of you in York!

      Dede Teeler
      reply to: dteeler@...

      Dear Computer SIG Members,
      I hope that this newsletter finds you well and looking forward to a
      wonderful 2002. The Computer SIG has several events lined up and so this
      will be a busy year for us. I hope you can join us at one of these at

      First on the list is our Preconference Event held jointly with Media SIG.
      This will be held on 23rd March in York on the theme of Videoconferencing.
      The intention is to explore several angles of this new technology, but
      particularly how it can be used in teaching English. Invited speakers will
      contribute their thoughts both in person and by videoconferencing and by
      the end of the day participants should have a clear idea of the
      possibilities as well as pitfalls of using this method of teaching. Please
      make sure you put your name down early to register for this event as our
      last event was oversubscribed and we had to turn people down.

      The conference itself will be a particularly stimulating one for those
      interested in Computer related topics as there will be many presentations
      on technology based themes. The Computer SIG Track will take place on
      Monday 25th March (the 2nd day of the conference). On this day a number of
      talks sponsored by the Computer SIG will take place in the same room and
      will be introduced by SIG committee members. The first speaker is J. Robert
      Tuck speaking about Partially On-line Learning (POLL) Theory, Practice and
      Case Study Demonstrations. He will be followed by Nicky Hockly discussing
      Training On-line Tutors and then we will hold the Open Forum – a chance for
      our members to hear what the SIG is doing, meet committee members, make
      suggestions and even (!!) volunteer to help in some way. Refreshments will
      be served. The next speaker of the track will be Paul Seddon who was one of
      the presenters at our hugely popular event in Saffron Walden with TTEd SIG.
      His topic will be 'Unleashing a Class into a Chat Room'. The next speaker
      will be Haruo Nishinoh on 'Creating an On-Line Learning Environment for a
      Media English Course' and then after coffee Stephan Ryan will tell us about
      'Digital Video: The easy way'. As you can see, much of the focus is on the
      Internet and how to use it for teaching. This reflects the majority of
      presentations offered this year on the theme of Computers.

      Just to give you a sneak preview of some of the other presentations
      welcomed by the Computer SIG at this year's conference, here is a selection
      of other treats to look out for. You will see that a number of other uses
      of technology apart from the Internet are also discussed – so there should
      be something for everybody!

      · Birgit Winkler - How to use CD-ROM dictionaries : A short intensive
      Users' guide
      · John Wetherell - How to Use Internet Portals to Develop your classes
      · Denise Murray - Using multimedia in teaching adults English
      · Aygegul Daloglu - Challenges and Benefits of an On-line Reading Course
      · Vanessa Lee - Electronic Literacy Skills: New Language Skills for the
      21st century
      If that isn't enough to persuade you, York is a wonderful part of England –
      well worth the visit any time!! We hope to see you at the conference.

      Back to other events in 2002, on May 18th and 19th 2002 the Japanese
      equivalent of IATEFL Computer SIG – JALT CALL will be holding their annual
      conference in Hiroshima. We have been invited to work with them on some
      joint presentations and despite the time difference we are planning to use
      the Internet to send and receive presentations between Japan and the UK.
      Look out for more information on this as it may be possible for Computer
      SIG members to participate in this exciting development, bringing those who
      share the same interests closer together wherever they are in the world.

      Soon after that there will be yet another joint event – this time with
      Pronunciaton SIG. There have been several developments in the way
      pronunciation is taught and computer technology has started to make its own
      unique contribution. The day will focus on the cutting edge software and
      hardware available for teaching pronunciation as well as other ways that
      technology can be used. Look out for more information soon as this event
      takes shape. The event will take place on 22nd June 2002 and will probably
      be located in central London.

      So all in all there is much to look forward to this year. For me personally
      there is another event to look forward to which will mean that I will not
      be taking so much of an active role in running the SIG for a while – I am
      expecting my first baby in March! (I wrote this well in advance – maybe by
      the time you read this s/he will have arrived!!) While I am otherwise
      pre-occupied, Dede Teeler will act as Deputy Coordinator and the rest of
      the committee will each take on much of the organization of the events we
      have lined up this year. I am proud and pleased to say that I have every
      confidence in a strong, committed Committee who will take the Computer SIG
      forward and ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that all members
      continue to receive value for money, despite the temporary absence of one
      of the team.

      All the best to you all,

      Tilly Warren

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      1. Talking Computers - one day conference/workshop
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      Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 11:18:20 -0000
      From: "sophiecy" <yiansoph@...>
      Subject: Talking Computers - one day conference/workshop

      This conference is a joint event organised by COMP-SIG and PronSIG
      (Pronunication Special Interest Group). It is to be held at
      The University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW
      (3 minutes on foot from Oxford Circus Tube) on Saturday 22 June 2002
      (10 am to 5 pm).

      It will focus on the presentation, demonstration and discussion of
      ways of using computers for learning and teaching pronunciation.

      Peter Roach (University of Reading), Richard Cauldwell (University of
      Birmingham)and Gunther Kaltenboeck are just a few of the

      For more information and a registration form go to:

      Hope to see you there


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