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ELTeCS Event in Lima ,Peru - Report

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  • CKlauer
    DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE TEACHERS´ASSOCIATIONS ELTeCS REGIONAL WORKSHOP LIMA - PERU 28 - 30 JANUARY Hotel Las Palmeras, located in the business district of San
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      LIMA - PERU
      28 - 30 JANUARY

      Hotel Las Palmeras, located in the business district of San Isidro in Lima,
      was the venue of the first Regional ELTeCS workshop ever held in Peru. The
      leaders of these workshops were Eryl Griffiths and George Pickering, both
      from IATEFL, who dedicated three consecutive days to giving tips and
      valuable resources to the particpants on how to organise, run and maintain a
      teachers´association effectively.
      The idea of putting together a group of teachers representing their national
      associations was presented by Ms. Anne Wiseman to the ELTeCS LA Bids
      exercise last year and was given support.
      The attendees of the workshop were Dr. Mario Lopez from Argentina; Virginia
      Moscoso, Maria Quisbert and Veronica Rivero from Bolivia; Neise Cunha
      Rodrigues, Magali de Moraes Menti, Jussara Olivo Rosa Perin and Dicleia
      Godoy from Brazil; Virginia Pichilaf and Nigel Blackburn from Chile; Maira
      Blanco and Cesar Nuñez from Colombia; Tony Irizar from Cuba; Marlene Rivera
      and Isabel Perez from Ecuador; Victor Octavio Espinoza from Mexico; Belen
      Fagundez and Padmini Sankaran from Venezuela and Carmen Caceda, Arturo
      Field, Norma Bustamante, Leo Marin, Lupe Trujillo and Cesar Klauer from
      Peru, which made up 10 countries.
      The three day workshop left us with excellent results, both in terms of
      learning and sharing experiences among the participants and in terms of
      practical actions.
      The most important result of all was the official foundation of APLIAL
      (Asociación de Profesores de Lengua Inglesa de América Latina ). APLIAL is
      an initiative of Ms Magali de Moraes who for two years has promoted the
      association in every event she has attended. This is why she was awarded an
      ELTeCS grant to set up APLIAL´s web page ( visit it at http://www.aplial.net
      ) and the publication of a newsletter. However, the association needed a
      boost and this Lima workshop provided the ideal setting.
      The main objective of APLIAL is to gather together associations of teachers
      of English in Latin America in order to support and help them to develop
      their associations further. Membership to APLIAL is open to all
      teachers´associations in our continent and through them to teachers in every
      level of education in our countries.
      After several meetings, the 10 countries agreed to found APLIAL in Lima and
      form the first Executive Board, which is made up by: Victor Octavio Espinoza
      from Mexico as President; Magali de Moraes from Brazil as Vice President;
      Belen Fagundez from Venezuela as Secretary; Jussara Olivo Rosa Perin from
      Brazil as Treasurer; Tony Irizar from Cuba as Special Interest Groups
      Director; Arturo Field from Peru as Parliamentary Director; Mario Lopez from
      Argentina as Academic Director; Cesar Nuñez from Colombia as Marketing
      Director; Isabel Perez from Ecuador as Public Relations Director and Cesar
      Klauer from Peru as Communications Director.
      The immediate tasks given were the legal registration of the association in
      Mexico, the writing of the association´s by-laws and the submittion by all
      board members of their work plans by March.
      Another excellent result of the workshop in Lima was the interest raised in
      the participating countries to set up their own lists and subscribe them to
      our main ELTeCS LA list. All were very enthusiastic about having an ELTeCS
      list in their countries after seeing its effectiveness and usefulness in
      Latin America and specially in Peru , where ELTeCS has 400 members. Plans
      are already on their way to revive the list in Ecuador, Chile and Venezuela.
      We strongly encourage teachers in all the countries to subscribe either to
      their regional or national ELTeCS list or to set up a local list. For
      support and information on how to do this approach your local British
      Council office or visit http://www.britshcouncil.org/english/eltecs .
      Summing up, we are proud to say that the Regional Worshop was a success due
      to the professionalism and knowledge of the workshop leaders Eryl and
      George, the enthusiasm and open attitude of the participants and most
      specially to the support the Britsh Council gave to the event. We want to
      finish by thanking Ms Anna Wiseman for planting the seed of the workshop and
      to Ms Gail Leisching for putting her effort and enthusism to make this event

      Cesar Klauer
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