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Re: [IATEFLComputer Sig] a little confuse :( (fwd)

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  • Eric Baber
    ... I don t agree with that at all. There s lots and lots of e-learning being offered both on a commercial
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 9, 2001
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      <rubs hands in anticipation of a really good debate>

      Right then. Clive writes:

      > I would also say e-learning has a commercial connotation whereas CALL
      > doesn't.

      I don't agree with that at all. There's lots and lots of e-learning being
      offered both on a commercial and non-commercial basis - especially in the
      US, virtually all universities now integrate e-learning into their regular
      curriculum. Some classes are taught on a face-to-face basis, while others
      are offered via the Internet, and others again offer a combination of both.
      I don't think the term "e-learning" has a commercial undertone at all.

      > e-learning is a much hyped expression and is associated with fast,
      > efficient, anytime, any place learning.

      "efficient", "anytime" and "any place" I'd agree with, but not "fast"
      really. If you're talking about videos etc for instance CD-ROMs will be
      "faster" than what you could get from the net.

      > In addition it is not limited to
      > language learning.

      Very true.

      > The connotation of e-learning when applied to language
      > learning is similar to those advertisements for linguaphone courses you
      > find in newspapers. It is, of course, all hype and no substance!

      Oi!! What's that supposed to mean? Sure, there are bad online courses, just
      like there are bad cowboy schools on Oxford Street in London. The medium
      itself has nothing to do with what it is used for; e-learning as such is
      neither good nor bad, it's what is done with it by the
      authors/developers/teachers that makes it useful, a waste of time or
      somewhere in between.

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