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Fwd: [learningwithcomputers] Learning2gether this weekend and beyond

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  • Dennis Newson
    I am forwarding this impressive summary by Vance Stevens of: What s on in the world of webinars because it represents an attempt to collate information about
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2013
      I am forwarding this impressive summary by Vance Stevens of: "What's on in the world of webinars" because it represents an attempt to collate information about upcoming activity in  the world of webinars and on-line courses.

      Personally, I find that I have now reached the point of information over-kill in this area where it is hardly possible to keep up with what is on, let alone compile a list of "Webinars I'd like to attend" , and least of all actually attend them.

      At the very least, there is an urgent need for an automatically-fed,  meta-list, chronologically ordered,  with a built-in link with timeanddate.com for local times.

      Does anyone know if such a listing exists?

      Overwhelmed of Osnabrueck, North Germany.

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      Subject: [learningwithcomputers] Learning2gether this weekend and beyond
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      Hi all,

      There is considerable activity coming up with educators worldwide making unprecedented efforts to meet online and help one another discover more about their common practice. The fact that they are doing that is not unusual, but what is unprecedented is the frequency of that happening, and this is reflected in our schedule of events we are tracking, actively participating in, and sometimes organizing ourselves.  Find these events listed here:

      Today, Friday Sept 27, Maria Colussa has initiated an effort to start a Hangout from the FAAPI conference taking place now in Buenos Aires.  She proposes to take a few minutes before her presentation at 1400 GMT (11 a.m. in Argentina) which is about her personal journey to become a connected educator in which the EVO, Webheads, MultiMOOC, Learning2gether etc. communities play such an important role. Of course at such conferences you never know what connectivity you'll find when you reach your presentation location, so if Hangout doesn't work she'll resort to Skype.  Find details of how to reach the event and time where you are here

      Scroll down from there to find the next event. Just one hour later at 1500 GMT Benjamin Steward gives a talk in Mexico City which he plans to simulcast in Hangout.  I'll put as much information there as I can at the above link to help us reach the Hangout Friday.

      And then tomorrow, Sat Sept 28 at 16:00 GMT Moodle MOOC 2 on WizIQ kicks off at http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1411164-moodle-mooc-2-on-wiziq. The course itself starts October 1, 2013 but you can attend this class to learn more about how to participate.

      And then on SUNDAY Learning2gether presents an event with Mike McKay which will take place in Hangout and Second Life. Mike goes by the name of Professor Merryman in Second Life and runs Cyprischat, where you can practice speaking English 24 hours a day for free and watch a video to learn more about this international English learning community at http://cyprischat.org/.

      There's a lot more coming up.  Next Sunday Oct 6, Carla Arena will join us to talk about her WorldCALL experience, and the week after that there is the 3-day Reform Symposium, RSCON4, and also the one-day TESOL CALL-IS and IATEFL LTSIG joint seminar on Saturday Oct 12.

      Find more information, and hope you can join us, at http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/

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