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Re: E-safety - issues

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  • Carol
    Hello Nicky and Marisa Thanks to everyone for coming, it was great to see you there! Marisa I think you are right, e-safety has become an important issue here
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 16, 2012
      Hello Nicky and Marisa
      Thanks to everyone for coming, it was great to see you there!
      Marisa I think you are right, e-safety has become an important issue
      here and is being addressed quite extensively in mainstream education.
      Thinking to the IATEFL PARSNIP , topics that publishers would like
      writers to stay clear of, including Politics, Alcohol, Religion, Sex,
      Narcotics, Isms and Pornography (or pork) I guess discussions e-safety
      could fit into some ELT lessons :-)
      There was a newspaper article from this weekend which I did not share, I
      only picked it up last night - once again about sexting. Teachers
      teaching teens may like to read as a follow
      The issue of blocking mentioned by Nicky referred to Facebook rather
      than the internet as a whole. Schools were told to block it and not
      mention it, children were too young so teachers had no right to discuss
      it etc., now the advice is teach the children how to lock down their
      profiles. A statistic that I read a few minutes go, and it is not
      verified, is that 38% of Facebook users are under 12, whether right or
      wrong there is certainly a large number of children using it and they
      need to be taught how to keep themselves safe by locking their profiles
      down. To that end there is masses of helpful literature on Facebook for
      teachers, parents, teens and more http://www.facebook.com/safety
      <http://www.facebook.com/safety> .
      --- In LearningTechnologiesSIG@yahoogroups.com, "Marisa Constantinides,
      CELT Athens" <marisa.constantinides@...> wrote:
      > Dear Nicky and Carol,
      > This was a great introduction to a topic which has not, perhaps,
      > the same amount of attention in ELT centres as it has in the framework
      > mainstream education in the UK and other countries.
      > Many thanks for organising this and I hope this will generate some
      > discussion of *how *ELT teachers and ELT managers should go about
      > introducing the issues raised by Carol
      > It's a great opportunity for the group to share best practices
      > Many thanks again
      > Marisa
      > On 16 April 2012 12:30, Nicky nickyhockly@... wrote:
      > > **
      > >
      > >
      > > Hi everyone,
      > >
      > > We held a very interesting LT SIG webinar yesterday with invited
      > > Carol Rainbow, who explored issues related to e-Safety, and what we
      can do
      > > to help protect our young learners when they are working online.
      Thank you
      > > to those of you who came along. Many of you also had great
      > > and anecdotes to share during the webinar.
      > >
      > > Carol outlined some of the dangers facing youngsters using ICT in
      > > main areas: commercial, stranger danger, cyberbullying, and values.
      > >
      > > One issue that especially stood out for me was (as Carol pointed
      out) that
      > > in the UK there has been a move from prohibition of access to the
      > > in London classrooms, towards educating younger students about the
      > > and providing them with strategies to deal with their online lives.
      > >
      > > I wonder what the situation is like in your countries? And in your
      > > institutions? Are students blocked from using the Internet? Is there
      > > education of students in your institutions about how to use the
      > > wisely and well? What sort of strategies and tips do you give your
      > > about how to keep safe online?
      > >
      > > Thank you once again to Carol for her fascinating webinar, and for
      > > up this extremely interesting topic for discussion.
      > >
      > > Best wishes to all,
      > >
      > > Nicky Hockly
      > > LT SIG Online Events Coordinator
      > >
      > >
      > >
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