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SV: [IATEFLComputer Sig] News from Brighton GREAT

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  • Emma Arthur
    Hi Sophie Thank you for your positive comments on Using Writing Software with Children and Teenagers . I wanted to show a lot more but time was so short!
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2001
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      Hi Sophie

      Thank you for your positive comments on 'Using Writing Software with
      Children and Teenagers'. I wanted to show a lot more but time was so short!
      Glad to see someone else is using Hyperstudio. It is a brilliant program
      and so flexible. I have used it to create interactive multimedia programs.

      Does anyone work with dyslexic teenagers or teenagers with other writing
      difficulties? If so how would you like to try out Penfriend for ELT? It is
      a predictive program which supports learners as they write and enables them
      to be more independent. I have had a lot of success using it but feel that
      it would be interesting to have feedback from other teachers.


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      Emne: Re: [IATEFLComputer Sig] News from Brighton GREAT


      I think everyone must be very busy catching up on all the work piled up
      during the holidays.

      That would explain not having any more news from Brighton. : )

      Well, let me start. An interesting talk I went to was "Using writing
      software with children and teenagers" by Emma Arthur.
      She presented software programs which are designed for native speakers but
      can be successfully used in EFL. It was interesting in that I found someone
      else who shares my love for two great programs: Hyperstudio and Storybook
      Weaver (They are fantastic!!!) and because I found out about some other
      programs such as Clicker, A penfriend for ELT, Primary Writer and Young
      Writer's Workshop.
      She also showed evidence of writing progress of a dyslexic child when using
      these programs and predictors in writing. Predictors are programs that can
      recognise the word you are typing and show it on the screen.

      Another interesting presentation was the first one on the COMP-SIG track
      It was Jason Firestone's presentation on Videoconferenciing.
      Last time I talked to him, he was uploading it on the Web.

      Jason, can you give us the URL?


      At 09:32 ðì 25/4/2001 +0900, you wrote:
      >GRRRREAT idea...
      >our university term starts april 1st in japan so it is almost
      >impossible to cross the ocea and go to your conference
      >this year when it is so late. I loved meeting you all
      >in Edinburgh... and look forward to knowing about
      >some of the experiences you had and the talks you
      >attended. it would be very much appreciated.
      >thanks in advance,
      >joyce cunningham

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