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5th SLanguages Annual Symposium - 16-18 Sept 2011

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  • letstalkonline2003
    What a great program is in store of 3 days of FREE information sharing at the 5th SLanguages Annual Symposium in Second Life, #slang11. We are looking forward
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2011
      What a great program is in store of 3 days of FREE information sharing at the 5th SLanguages Annual Symposium in Second Life, #slang11.

      We are looking forward to some 45h of program in about 40 sessions conducted by some 60+ presenters, guest speakers, workshop conductors, tour guides, actors and actresses, artists and are expecting around 500 avatarians.

      It starts Friday, 16 September, 8am SL | 3pm GMT and runs until Sunday 18 September, 8am SL | 3pm GMT with American/ European and Asian timezones in mind.

      Individual event schedules (work in progress) are listed under the AVALON NING site as 'SLanguages SCHEDULES' tab, http://avalon-project.ning.com/events and a draft programme in form of a printable google doc can be accessed at the 'SLanguages PROGRAMME' tab, http://avalon-project.ning.com/page/slanguages-2011.

      Some of the highlights are the Jane Eyre theatre play, Hayo Reinders keynote on 'Serious Games', Lyr Lobo's sessions touring World of Warcraft and conducting an interactive workshop on artificial intelligence language bots, the panel discussion by the University of Berlin on the topic Virtual Culture, panel discussions, language demo lessons and of course fun, dance performances, art galleries and lots of enjoyable social time.

      All YOU need to bring is TIME!

      Time to meet and to make friends and time to share. Well, actually not all, we are also hoping that you share some freebies or goodies and drop a box or two at our resource center on EduNation III and set the properties to full perm, so that we all can take a copy. Teaching tools, games but also building stuff and whatever is full perm. Also our artists and performers are appreciative of tips, if you can spare some Lindens.

      A last bit of information from the organisers: the temporary conference island is soon to appear next to EduNation III and thanks to our conference sponsor languagelab, we are able to pay for this. The reason for doing so is, that we found out, that the majestic cross platform sky conference venue which Randall built with a seating capacity of about 150 avatars does not allow sound to travel across from one sim to the other, because of our different ownerships. Hence this temporary solution - which we hope will work. We hope and pray of course, hehe.

      Due to this situation however, we are not able to hand out SLURLs or landmarks because they are temporary as for now. We can however ensure you, that because of Randall's relentless work and his 33 (!) versions of an AWESOME SLanguages Conference TP HUD, you will not get lost. We hope and pray of course, hehe.

      Looking forward to seeing you inworld. Remember, we will be screensharing all of the events in Adobe ConnectPro. You will not miss anything due to poor bandwidth, lousy graphics cards, restricted voiceoverIP in Arabic countries, region full, walking, hearing and other disabilities due to being new to Second Life or other unforeseen occurrences. The individual rooms will be advertised in the individual event schedules.

      We hope however, that you do not opt for this 'easy viewing' option, but give it a try to enter Second Life. Nothing compares to being fully immersed in this great learning experience of yet another magic conference. We are here to lend a virtual hand and our volunteers will wear a conference cap clearly marking the languages they speak. They will be around anywhere on the conference ground and are there to help.

      Please feel free to forward or publish this email to language educators, language schools, universities and research organisations interested in language learning in virtual worlds.

      The 51 members of the conference committee

      Gary Motteram aka Gwared Morgwain and
      Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi
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