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IATEFL Computer SIG (MUESLI) newsletter archives project

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  • Geoff Taylor
    Hi everyone The IATEFL Computer SIG is trying to put together an archive of past IATEFL Computer SIG (MUESLI/CALL Review) newsletters in pdf format, either on
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      Hi everyone

      The IATEFL Computer SIG is trying to put together an archive of past IATEFL
      Computer SIG (MUESLI/CALL Review) newsletters in pdf format, either on
      CD-ROM and/or as web archive. Tony Williams, if you remember his article,
      did a lot of work towards this some time ago, but we are still missing a
      number of issues/editions between the years of 1988 and 1999. (The delay is
      all my fault)

      Could any of the following editors of past IATEFL Computer SIG newsletters
      contact me, Geoff Taylor, IATEFL Computer SIG Webmaster, and/or simply send
      to me any of the following editions? If sending files, the best would be as
      computer files, e.g. sent as attachments (if less than 1 MB in size) or on
      disk, but if you have lost the original file, but have a copy of the printed
      version of the edition which I am missing, please send me a photocopy.

      I have contacted Gary Motteram and Tony Williams individually, but am not
      sure of the other people's email addresses.

      Past editors (year/month)
      -David Eastment (93/03, 96/03, 97/03)
      -Sue Fortescue (89/06)
      -Chris Jones (88/07)
      -Richard Law (92/10)
      -Roland Nyns (89/06)
      -Martin Peacock (99/03)

      Geoff Taylor
      64 The Paddocks, Yarnton
      Oxford OX5 1TE, UK
      01865 378967

      MUESLI NEWS 84/10 David Eastment
      MUESLI NEWS 85/05 David Eastment
      MUESLI NEWS 85/10 David Eastment
      MUESLI NEWS 87/07 Chris Jones
      MUESLI NEWS 87/10 Chris Jones
      MUESLI NEWS 88/11 Chris Jones
      MUESLI NEWS 89/02 Chris Jones
      MUESLI NEWS 89/06 Sue Fortescue/Roland Nyns
      MUESLI NEWS 89/12 Caroline Moore
      MUESLI NEWS 90/06 Alison Piper/Tony Williams
      MUESLI NEWS 90/10 Tony Williams
      MUESLI NEWS 90/12 Caroline Moore/Tony Williams
      MUESLI NEWS 91/04 Mike Carrier
      MUESLI NEWS 91/06 Tony Williams
      MUESLI NEWS 91/10 Scott Windeatt
      MUESLI NEWS 93/01 Paul Snookes
      MUESLI NEWS 92/03 Sue Fortescue/Tony Williams
      MUESLI NEWS 93/03 David Eastment
      MUESLI NEWS 93/05 Tony Williams
      MUESLI NEWS 93/09 Tony Williams
      MUESLI NEWS 93/12 Tony Williams
      MUESLI NEWS 94/03 Tony Williams
      CALL REVIEW 94/07 David Eastment
      CALL REVIEW 94/11 David Eastment
      CALL REVIEW 95/03 IATEFL Conference Issue David Eastment
      CALL REVIEW 95/07 Summer Edition David Eastment
      CALL REVIEW Keele Issue: Getting Wired 96/07 David Eastment
      CALL REVIEW 97/03 David Eastment
      CALL REVIEW 98/01 Gary Motteram
      CALL REVIEW 98/07 Gary Motteram
      CALL REVIEW 99/03 Special Issue Gary Motteram/Martin Peacock
      CALL REVIEW 99/07 Gary Motteram
      CALL REVIEW 99/11 Gary Motteram
      CALL REVIEW 00/07 Gary Motteram

      Geoff Taylor
      Teacher, St Clare's, Oxford, UK
      IATEFL Computer SIG Web pages editor
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