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Re: European 2nd Life project -- AVALON

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  • Gary Motteram
    Hi Rob ... Here s some mpore detail on when the information events are going to occur: The first event will be held in 2nd Life and will start on Kamimo Island
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 24, 2009
      Hi Rob

      > Give us a little more info on the project, so we know whether to
      > "tune in".
      > Are you interested in partners from outside Europe?

      Here's some mpore detail on when the information events are going to

      The first event will be held in 2nd Life and will start on Kamimo
      Island where we will give a short presentation describing what our
      project is about and what we hope to achieve. Members of the project
      team will then offer short tours of various places that will have some
      connection to the project. This meeting will start at 4.30pm CET on
      Friday 27th Feb. My avatar in 2nd Life is called Gwared Morgwain and I
      will be online at this time. If you let me know if you are planning to
      attend in advance I will get back to you will a starting location.

      The 2nd event will be held in Adobe Connect Professional and you will
      need to go to this url: http://breeze1.manchester.ac.uk/r24988587/.
      Simply sign in as a guest. We are offering a session in Adobe Connect
      for those who have yet to get into 2nd Life. This meeting will be on
      28th Feb at 3pm (CET) and will be a short briefing on the project.

      If you are not able to attend yourselves, you may want to advertise
      the events to others.

      As regards the project itself, this is what was said in the original
      project proposal:

      "It is still very difficult to provide learners with language practice
      in real environments, it is often too costly and people need to feel
      confident enough even if they are able to travel. Tandem schemes have
      proved fruitful, but rely on access to speakers of target languages.
      The maintenance of motivation is always a problem. Access to digital
      technologies has become a reality for many more people in recent years
      and the roll out of broadband has made it possible for many more
      people to benefit from the high end services that are now online. This
      project facilitates language learning in virtual 3D worlds offering
      spaces where genuine communicative acts can take place at a distance.
      These acts offer an affective experience beyond the classroom,
      simulating real world activity. They require communication and provide
      a social network where learners do not necessarily need to be
      themselves and which is engaging enough to encourage them to return.

      Currently, however, immersive environments have some limitations and
      the following issues are addressed in this project. We will:

      • create case studies which will include field-tested communicative
      scenarios and the guidance on how utilise them;
      • provide the necessary skills for language teaching professionals to
      work in these new online environments through a targeted training course;
      • facilitate easier access in cases where there are limited computer
      • promote general awareness in mainstream educational contexts of the
      potential of these environments.

      All of the products of the project will be made available in a
      repository under a Creative Commons Licence and through our
      dissemination we will build awareness of them amongst a broad
      community. We will be reaching learners from three different
      constituencies: community based adult learners; business learners and
      university students. We will also build the community of teachers who
      are able to use these tools in a variety of contexts and provide a
      market place for continued activity through a certificated course."

      Hope this helps.

      Look forward to seeing you at one of these events, or an event in the

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