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Re: [IATEFLComputer Sig] Software for online databases

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  • Gavin Dudeney
    Hi Everyone, ... From a PC perspective (I don t use Macs, so don t know how helpful this is going to be) it all depends really on two main questions: 1) How
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28 12:36 AM
      Hi Everyone,

      Martin Eayrs wrote:

      >I've never done online DB work before and will have a lot to learn.
      >But I want to know first the best software to use. Should I use Cold
      >Fusion ? If so, it is commercially available (Mac) and is the price
      >accessible ? And is Ultradev a good solution for designing this kind
      >of site ?

      From a PC perspective (I don't use Macs, so don't know how helpful this is
      going to be) it all depends really on two main questions:

      1) How many visitors are you expecting?
      2) How much time do you want to spend on the initial design?

      If you're not expecting a lot of hits, then the easiest way for a DB
      beginner to get his/her database on the web is to use Frontpage and Access,
      it's practically drag and drop when it comes to setting up the fields and
      getting them to interact with the user - this will, of course only work on a
      Windows NT server and will fall over badly if too many people try to get at
      the information at the same time.

      Cold Fusion is another fine solution, but along with PHP and MySQL and other
      solutions which are UNIX based you'll need to do some of the 'dirty' work
      (i.e. code writing) yourself to get it to work.

      I haven't tried UltraDev at all - but I DO use Dreamweaver all the time and
      I think it's a fine product, so I imagine UltraDev is too.

      Whichever way you decide to go, you'll find that the development time is a
      lot longer than it is for a simple webpage. I'd recommend getting an old
      computer and setting it up as a web server locally so you can play with the
      site as you build it rather than having to FTP things every time you want to
      do testing.

      I have an old 386 with a network card and running Linux Red Hat - this makes
      an ideal web server for testing and it cost me £40 to buy it second hand and
      put the network card in. It saves me hours in development time.

      Hope some of this helps


      Gavin Dudeney - EFL Webmaster - eWEBs - http://www.dudeney.com

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