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RE: [IATEFLComputer Sig] Wall Street and Opening in Spain

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  • Stuart Matthews
    Dear Clive, I work for Opening English School and am pleased to be able to give you some answers to your questions. Opening has a 15 level General English
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2000
      Dear Clive,

      I work for Opening English School and am pleased to be able to give you some
      answers to your questions.

      Opening has a 15 level General English Course which is split into 4 blocks
      (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Masters). Relation to the Cambridge
      exams is: End of Beginners = KET, End of Intermediate = PET, End of Advanced
      = FCE, End of Masters = CAE. 92% of our Advanced level students who have
      completed an additional Opening English School Intensive Prep course for FCE
      have gone on to pass the exam first time.

      The Opening course material (multimedia exercises, student books, class
      material) has undergone constant renewal, improvement and updating over the
      4 1/2 years since Opening English School started. Modes of instruction have
      not changed. However, teaching standards are constantly reaching new
      heights. Opening is firmly committed to Teacher Development, and all
      teaching staff (who must have degrees + recognised TEFL certs to enter)
      receive initial teacher training by Opening as well as regular Refresher
      Courses. Last September Opening held its first TEFL convention where 20 of
      our teachers gave Workshops to their colleagues (total 1000 teachers).
      Outside speakers also contributed.

      Regarding evaluation by students: While studying the multimedia part of the
      course students fill in an on-line questionnaire every 3 months giving their
      opinion on various areas: quality of teaching, quality of class material,
      quality of course content, personal attention given to students by staff,
      satisfaction, and much more.

      Opening has 134 schools in Spain (70,000 students), 4 schools in Italy (1000
      students) and 1 school in Portugal (150 students).

      If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me

      I hope I have been of some help.

      Best regards,


      Stuart Matthews
      International Head of Studies
      Opening English School
      E-mail: smatthews@...

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      Dear All

      Are any of you involved in either of these two franchise-based set
      ups? If you are, then I'd be very interested to hear how things are
      going in terms of the syllabuses and courses you run; how far they
      relate to say Cambridge exams; whether or not you've had to modify
      the intitial concepts / modes of instruction, student numbers, course-
      evaluation-by-student procedures etc.

      If you are not directly involved, but have information, I would also
      be very interested to hear from you.


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