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909Fwd: CALL at primary level

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  • Robert O'Dowd
    Dec 1, 2003
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      >I was wondering if any of the list members have done any research into the
      >area of using CALL and the internet in primary schools. Here at my
      >university in Spain we are beginning to work in this area with a group of
      >EFL teachers from local primary schools and I would be interested in
      >hearing from other CALL practitioners who have been involved in, or are
      >aware of, other projects involving CALL at primary level. Any literature
      >references or websites would also be very useful.
      >Many thanks in advance
      >Robert O'Dowd
      >Robert O'Dowd
      >Universidad de León
      >Fac. de Filosofía y Letras
      >Depto de Filología Moderna
      >24071 León
      >Tel: 0034 987 291084

      Robert O'Dowd

      Universidad de León
      Fac. de Filosofía y Letras
      Depto de Filología Moderna
      24071 León

      Tel: 0034 987 291084