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840Re: [IATEFLComputer Sig] self-study software

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  • Geoff Taylor
    Jun 8, 2003
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      Hi George

      > I've been asked to find self-study software to install on computers in
      > my school's Self-Access Centre. This is in a UK language school, so the
      > students are of all levels and nationalities. Does anyone else have any
      > suggestions for useful, tried-and-tested self-study software? I'm
      > interested in pronunciation software, grammar, vocab, etc.

      Pre-authored software:
      Integrated lessons:
      - Reward series of CD-ROMs. Four levels (Elem, Pre-Int, Int, Upper Int).
      Like the course books, has a bit of everything: listening, grammar,
      vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing. Much better than the course
      books, which I don't like much at all: well staged, interactive,
      challenging. Includes high quality video lessons too, which students like.
      Good value (double CD of about 100 hours material for £45), though expensive
      to get class sets of all levels.
      - Clarity's Tensebuster 2001, 5 levels (Elem - Adv). Networked version
      available. Very thorough, if not very exciting.
      - Try Sky Software (Don Friend)'s stuff. We have Phonemic Alphabet, one on
      Stress and Rhythm. Low production values, but pedagogically high quality.
      Relatively cheap site licences.
      - Educational Software Products (Angus and Sandy Savory) do several fun
      programmes (apparently based on a common dictionary database): Crossword
      Challenge, Word Invaders (like space invaders), Beat the Clock (guess the
      word from definition before time runs out), Error Terror (similar to space
      invaders). Good value, authorable, relatively cheap. We got their whole
      Exam software:
      - Educational Software Products (Angus and Sandy Savory) produce 3 Cambridge
      tutors (papers 1, 2 and 3), again quite reasonably priced.
      - FC Creative Writing CD-ROM is very stimulating, and quite reasonably

      Geoff Taylor
      CALL Coordinator, St Clare's, Oxford, UK
      IATEFL Computer SIG Webmaster
      IBSCA Webmaster
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