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829Reports on talks given at IATEFL Brighton

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  • Geoff Taylor
    May 4, 2003
      Hello fellow Computer SIG members!

      Not everyone will have been able to attend all or indeed any of the most
      recent IATEFL annual conference (the 37th International Annual IATEFL
      Conference, 23-26 April 2003, at the Brighton Conference Centre & The
      Quality Hotel, Brighton, UK).

      I was able to go for just one day, Friday 25th April, and had a very
      enjoyable and stimulating time.

      For the benefit of those who couldn't attend, as agreed by Computer SIG
      committee members, I have written and put up some (very brief) reports of
      the talks I attended that I think could be of interest to the members of the
      Computer SIG, with links for further study where available.

      To view these reports, please follow the link(s) from the IATEFL Computer
      SIG Web site Past Events page:
      Or go directly to:

      If you yourself would like to volunteer a summary or comments about any
      talks that you saw (or gave), to be posted on the site, I would be very
      happy to include them. You can send reports to me, Geoff Taylor, IATEFL
      Computer SIG Web editor, at gjtaylor@..., in text form, or as an
      attached document. Please write out in full any relevant Web links.
      (Alternatively, you might post reports/comments on talks of special interest
      to this discussion list, e.g. in the form of a "conversation starter".)

      Here are the talks/workshops I have put up reports on:

      Talks and Workshops, Friday, 25 April
      Reports by Geoff Taylor, St Clare's, Oxford, UK

      Network-Based Communication and ELT: Online chatting with classes
      Workshop by Adam Edmett (The British Council, Slovakia)
      Target audience: inexperienced teachers; adult learners
      SIG track: Computer

      Use of WebCT in content-based freshman course
      Talk by Nazan Sabuncu (Sabanci University, Turkey)
      Target audience: inexperienced teachers; adult learners
      SIG track: Computer

      Integrating culture into the EFL classroom using the web
      Talk by Hye-Ryun Kim (Incheon National University of Education, South Korea)
      Target audience: not stated
      SIG track: Computer

      Globalisation made easy by using authentic materials
      Talk by Inas Kotby (American University in Cairo & MISR International
      University, Egypt)
      Target audience: experienced teachers; adult learners
      SIG track: English for Specific Purposes
      [Although this talk wasn't on the Computer SIG track, I think the use of the
      Web as a source of authentic material is of interest to Computer SIG

      Communities of practice: easing the burden of online teaching
      Talk by Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly (Netlanguages, Spain)
      Target audience: inexperienced & experienced teachers; adult learners
      SIG track: General
      [Although for some reason this talk wasn't on the Computer SIG track, I
      think the use of virtual communities of practice is of great relevance to
      Computer SIG members]

      Hope there's something here of interest/use to you!

      Best wishes

      Geoff Taylor

      Geoff Taylor
      CALL Coordinator, St Clare's, Oxford, UK
      IATEFL Computer SIG Webmaster
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