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722Re: [IATEFLComputer Sig] Distance CALL courses in UK or Australia

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  • Geoff Taylor
    Aug 15 12:15 PM

      on 10/8/02 12:18 AM, Martin Eayrs at martin@... wrote:

      > I wonder if any list member could help me with a
      > question? I have been asked by a friend in Hong
      > Kong if there are any 'good' courses offered by
      > UK (or maybe Australian) universities on CALL or
      > similar that can be done on a distance learning
      > basis.

      > Any information would be welcome, even as to where
      > a listing of such courses might be found.

      I'm doing an MEd in Educational Technology and ELT with Manchester
      University. It is tutored by active, well-respected professionals/academics,
      including Gary Motteram and Diane Slaouti. There are face-to-face and
      distance options.

      Information is almost certainly available on the Manchester University Web
      site. Or perhaps contact Gary Motteram at mewssgjm@....

      Geoff Taylor
      CALL Coordinator, St Clare's, Oxford, UK
      IATEFL Computer SIG Webmaster
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