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366Re: net nanny business

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  • james wilson
    May 31, 2001
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      The other day my 11 year old son told a
      semi-children's "dirty" joke while we were having
      supper. I was at first taken aback by the fact that MY
      SON was like that, however, I was more surprised to
      see my 8 year old son and my 6 year old daughter
      laughing at the joke.
      As an adult I assumed the worst about the minds of my
      children but soon realised that they each had their
      own perspective of the joke. Although they are all
      aware of the "Birds and the Bees" in their own little
      way(as we make it a point at home to openly discuss
      any "quizzes" that may arise)they did not take the
      joke so seriously as I had.

      What am I getting at?
      Whether filtering is good or not, I don't know.
      Speaking as a parent, I do what I can to prepare my
      children for the outside world, particularly if I
      can't be with them. I do this by discussing, pointing
      out, reinforcing ideas and principles that I feel will
      firstly protect them and secondly allow them to
      formulate their own decisions (however innocent those
      decisions may be).

      As a teacher I think I have a duty to the same with my
      students. I am not in the class just to teach, I am
      their to guide, encourage, advice, prepare and foster
      the learning and understanding of my students (at all
      ages). If I can do that,then I would feel confident
      that my students would be able to handle any obscene
      occasions that may arise from Internet use or abuse by

      Maybe I am too idealistic but I think that rather than
      trying to stop the inevitable, it may be more logical
      to prepare our students to react accordingly when it
      raises it's ugly head.

      Thank you for hearing me
      Regards James

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