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3306Video conferencing for Business English

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  • david_gatrell
    Dec 16, 2013
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      Hi Learning Technologists!

      I’m writing a new unit on video conferencing for our online teacher training course, Learning Technologies for the Classroom. The emphasis is on practical language-focused activities that participants can use with corporate clients in an online context.

      The course outline is as follows:
      • introduction to video conferencing - tools, needs analysis, etc.
      • video conferencing and communication
      • practical tips for video conferencing
      • sample activities for video conferencing
      • video conferencing and learning design - i.e. the interplay between technology, activity and content
      • learning from experience - a "scenario", where participants give advice to a colleague about video conferencing
      • reflections and further reading.
      I’m also hoping to include teachers talking about their experiences of using different approaches, activities and platforms, or perhaps discussing different projects they and their clients have taken part in.

      So, do you or your colleagues have any experience of delivering corporate training using video conferencing tools, or any video conferencing activities, and would you be willing to share them?

      Do you have any suggestions for any of the sections I've listed?

      If you don’t but if you have an interest in video conferencing in ELT, what would you like to see in a short online unit on video conferencing aimed at corporate trainers?

      Thanks - looking forward to hearing your ideas!

      Online Teacher Development Coordinator, British Council