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  • Dennis Newson
    Sep 27, 2013
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      Geoff, thanks very much indeed for your informative posting on podcasts. And thanks to all others who have posted recommendations. My scenario is that I have a non-Apple, old Creative Zen 4GB which I formerly used for podcasts. I use my iPod for music only. I remember that I used to have difficulties syncing with my PC through iTunes because it was non-Apple. I want to use my PC so that I have a permanent collection of downloads that I can edit (delete) by hand and set up the sync with Creative Zen. In the past I liked Juice (Lemon) but it does not want to work with Windows 7.  I liked the look of iPodder - but that does not seem to be Windows 7 compatible either. I am still look for something pretty "lite"  that:

       can be fed new URLs easily
       updates reliably
       can be synced straightforwardly with Creative Zen using Windows 7.

      I n this context I am only interested in audio podcasts. I deal with video podcasts differently.

      Greetings, and once more: Thanks!



      Dennis Newson
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      On 25 September 2013 18:48, Geoff Taylor <gjtaylor@...> wrote:

      Dear Dennis

      On 25 Sep 2013, at 09:08, Dennis Newson <djn@...> wrote:

      > After a long absence from podcasting I want to set up receiving regularly a number of podcasts, from the BBC especially.
      > What program to all you podcasters use? I used to use Lemon, but I'm now Windows 7 and can imagine there is something more up-to-date. I will collate and re-post all helpful replies.

      I am an avid "talk show" podcast listener, usually about 10 hours a week: mainly to a range of tech, science, film review and comedy podcasts, including podcasts by the BBC and the Guardian.

      My comments below would be mainly of use to people using mobile devices.

      For hands-free listening, e.g. while cycling to/from work, doing housework, etc, like many podcast enthusiasts, I believe, I like a mobile podcast app that allows the user to easily create "smart" playlists.

      My essential smart playlist is a catch-all chronological playlist. This is a playlist that automatically includes every unplayed episode of all the podcasts I subscribe to, and lists them chronologically, from oldest to most recent. It should automatically check for new episodes at regular intervals and add them to the bottom of the list. Once listened to, episodes should be automatically deleted.

      On the Mac (and very probably in Windows), iTunes is a fine app for creating smart playlists, including smart playlists of podcasts. And I used to be able to sync with the Apple Music player on my iOS devices.

      However, the new Apple Podcasts app, although good in other ways, does not (seem to) permit smart playlists of podcasts, as described above, at least when I last tried. So I have switched to a podcast app called "Downcast" only a couple of pound to purchase, and it permits easy creation of user-configurable smart playlists, and is perfect for the kind of hands-free listening I find I cannot do without.

      There is an on-going thread on the Apple Discussions board:

      Geoff Taylor

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