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3179Re: Switching from laptop to tablet

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  • Robber Baron
    Mar 14, 2013
      - Comments about the keyboard are very important - you don't want to waste hours typing.
      - Once you add a decent keyboard, some tablet advantages disappear (though it could be the keyboard stays in a hotel room).
      - Agreed about issues with software - GoogleDocs ain't all that! I use Android, and am not very happy with Word Processing and Spreadsheet options within. iPad may be better with those apps.
      - Where no wifi, you can't plug in to the LAN.
      - Connecting to larger displays is not always so easy either - probably need an adapter.

      The tablet is handy for following stuff, but give me a netbook if I need to create!

      Rob Dickey
      in Super-wifi South Korea
      (and probably suffering withdrawal next week at the TESOL Convention in Dallas Texas)
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