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3074Got a story to tell about Primary / YL ICT project?

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  • Paul
    Jun 6, 2012
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      Hi all,

      the British Council is putting together a publication on innovations in ICT. The YL editor within that is looking to collect stories about Primary practice on the basis of interviewing you. The categories are quite broad so I don't see that too many people would be excluded .... If interested could you contact Chris Pym directly (chris.pim@...)?


      Joint LTSIG Co-ordinator

      A request for help

      The British Council is currently producing a new publication entitled 'Innovations in Technology for English Language Teaching and Learning'. The publication will provide an excellent opportunity for innovations to be showcased.

      I am responsible for the primary element of the book. I would like to organise a short interview with colleagues working in the area, who have relevant experiences which I would then write up for inclusion in the book. The time commitment would not be long. I am urgently seeking ideas and contributions from practitioners around the world that can be used as case studies within the chapter to do with primary English teaching and learning. I would be particularly interested in hearing from colleagues about any of the following:

      - Use of audio recording devices to develop oral competency
      - Digital storytelling, e.g. stop animation, green screening, Microsoft Photostory etc...
      - Use of Bilingual or English only electronic texts to support reading (electronic texts would include audio-enabled stories and non-fiction that can be read on a computer or Mobile device)
      - Use of supportive word processors such as Clicker, Write Online or TextHELP's Read&Write Tutor (or others?)
      - Video conferencing - for sharing cultures, oral practice etc.
      - e-Twinning initiatives - collaborative curriculum-related activities to facilitate English Language Learning
      - Computer-assisted language learning of any kind e.g. in-house or published online materials where acquisition of English is computer-mediated and progress is assessed An example would include Education City 's 'Learn English' materials or Success Maker
      - Use of mobile devices such as iPad or android tablets.

      I would also be very interested to hear of any other innovative use of technology with primary age children, particularly beyond the elementary stage.

      All contributors will be acknowledged in the publication. If you can contribute, could you please email me with a very brief outline of the example of innovative practice that you have in mind? The next step would then probably be to have a phone conversation.

      Thank you

      Chris Pim