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3039Re: Recording breakout rooms in Adobe Connect

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  • David
    Mar 5, 2012
      Hi Paul and other webinar moderators!

      It looks like the only way to do this is to stop recording the main room
      when breakouts begin and then choose one of the rooms to record. I guess
      I can ask one small group of trainees to agree to have their breakout
      recorded and analyse the data from that room.

      Has anyone else tried this?

      For now, the transcript from the main room - taken from immediately
      after the breakout discussions, when we reconvened - should suffice for
      my pilot study research. It yields some useful conclusions for anyone
      moderating a webinar:

      * having a "procedural" introductory session - where the moderator
      demonstrates how to use Connect - can ease interaction, e.g. raising
      hands to manage turn-taking, asking for the microphone, or remembering
      to mute and un-mute the microphone

      * sharing the agenda before and during the session is important as it
      provides a focus for discussion
      * having an asynchronous forum discussion prior to the session and
      assigning pre-reading can promote deeper engagement and reflection - and
      also provides a focus for synchronous discussion

      * having an assistant moderator is vital, not only in the event of
      unseen technical problems but also to manage interaction

      * breakout rooms help ensure more equal participation and involve
      shyer participants, especially in groups of more than 6-8

      * breakout rooms encourage peer-learning of both procedural and
      conceptual knowledge
      * audio and video increase social presence and are experienced as
      highly motivating
      * polling is a useful tool to involve participants between different
      stages and then stimulate discussion

      * "notes" and the whiteboard can both be used as visual aids to help
      participants follow each other's presentations

      * follow-up discussions in a forum, together with an archived
      recording of the session, can promote further reflection

      I felt that our expertly-run webinar - not run by me, I hasten to add -
      led to a far more intense exchange of ideas in a much shorter period of
      time than a purely forum-based discussion. Using a collaborative,
      learner-centred approach, it ensured everyone's ideas were heard and
      discussed. It also gave participants opportunities for deeper
      reflection, during and after the session.

      I'd be really interested to hear from anyone else in the LTSIG who uses
      webinars for teacher development - or who has carried out research in
      this area. I hope to share my own pilot study with you soon.


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      > Hi Dave,
      > I'm still figuring out Adobe Connect as a moderator myself.
      > A couple of these links seem to be relevant
      > 12b308681ed-8000.html
      > e12b308681ed-8000.html>
      > http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucbb/viewtopic.php?id=6044
      > <http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucbb/viewtopic.php?id=6044>
      > Best
      > Paul
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