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3026Recording breakout rooms in Adobe Connect

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  • David
    Mar 1, 2012
      Hi all

      For my MA DTCE <http://madigitaltechnologies.wordpress.com/>
      dissertation I'm researching interaction and participation in moderated
      synchronous meetings using Adobe Connect. I'm attempting a
      "multimodal" discourse analysis which looks at actions within AC (e.g.
      polling, moving pods, using the whiteboard) as well as textual discourse
      via chat and audio.

      I'm using the British Council TeachingEnglish programme, E-moderator
      Essentials, for my data. Besides helping develop the site, as
      E-Learning Editor for the TE team, I'm investigating ways of using AC
      on our courses. I'm also enrolled on a current EME course as a

      For the pilot study I'm analysing three "episodes", each featuring a
      different task and approach: a teacher-centred approach (giving an
      introduction to the software - procedural knowledge), a teacher-led
      discussion of course content (conceptual knowledge), and more
      learner-centred discussions within breakout rooms, culminating in short
      presentations to the whole group (conceptual).

      I have archived recordings of our two sessions, which offer enough
      data for my purposes, but I've hit a stumbling block: the recordings
      haven't captured anything from the breakout rooms. The discourse and
      actions within them are fundamental to my research.

      Though I've done plenty of reading on the theory of synchronous CMC, I'm
      a real novice when it comes to actually using Adobe Connect and running
      and recording meetings. I can certainly complete my pilot study without
      the breakout room data - by only analysing whole group discussions - but
      I need to record them in future meetings for the final dissertation.

      Please could someone tell me if (and how) I can record them? I'm aware
      that there are a number of experts in this field in the LTSIG ...

      Thanks in advance and I look forward to sharing my research with you


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