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277Key Pal exchange

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  • joohee_h@hotmail.com
    Apr 1, 2001
      Dear all,

      I'm currently teaching an IT course "Applied Internet English" at a
      university in S.Korea.
      There are a couple of projects involved in this course and one of
      them is Key pal project.
      My students are intermediate and above of English skills, aged 21-23
      and they need students from different cultures for this project.
      There are 20 students in this class and we've got about 10 key pals
      in Japan. I think we need another 10.
      The project will be making their key pal profile and putting it on
      their own website (since making a website is another project in this
      course). And we assume that 5-6 email exchanges will suit this
      project. Of course students can stay in touch if they want.

      If you are interested in conducting a project with us, please reply
      to this message.
      TIA(Thanks in Advance)

      Best wishes,
      Joohee Hong