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2764Fw: call for proposals (EGYPTESOL CONFERENCE)

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    Aug 27, 2010
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      Sent: Fri, August 27, 2010 6:46:44 PM
      Subject: call for proposals

      Dear English Language Professionals,
      Are you looking for a place to give a workshop, a demonstration or a paper?  Now
      is your chance to send in a proposal for the EgypTesol convention, which will be
      held at the Triumph Hotel in Heliopolis on   Friday and Saturday, December 3rd
      and 4th, 2010?
      Wouldn't you like to share your knowledge by giving a workshop, a demonstration
      or a paper?
      The regular part of the convention is soliciting proposals for: Papers (45
      minutes), Demonstrations (45 minutes), Panel Discussions (90 minutes), and
      Workshops (90 minutes).
      At the same time, the Electronic Oasis is soliciting proposals for the
      -- Demonstrations, which take place within the environment of an
      Internet/software fair, where a number of computer stations are set in an open
      area for on-going visitors to drop in at their convenience and view what the
      demonstrators are presenting in order to learn from their expertise. A demo
      session is a mini presentation that is to be repeated within the 45 minute time
      slot allotted.
      --Workshops, which are conducted in a computer lab where the presenters provide
      hands-on training to a number of participants as
      to any computer-mediated application for language teaching, each seated at a
      separate PC.
      --Presentations, which are held in a room with a seated audience, with a
      computer and data show available if needed.
      To submit, go to http://www.egyptesol.org/%c2%a0 , find the Online Application Center
      in the left column, and click either on EgypTesol  or on Electronic Oasis.

      The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2010
      Thanks. Hope to see you there.
      Valerie Carpenter for the EO

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