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206search for a reliable server

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  • Mary Foley
    Oct 3, 2000
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      I wonder if any of you could recommend a server. At the moment I'm using
      a server here in Spain and really they're pretty mediocre. Anyone out
      there that is using a reliable and not very expensive server? I'd be
      delighted to hear a recommendation. Oh, could I ask one more thing -
      I've been trying to find the key combination for the Merry Hyphen (I
      don't know it's official name) it's the one which is like an elongated
      's' on its side? I've found it in Word but for the internet and emails I
      can't find it.
      Any help with the above would be very welcome.
      Thank you.
      Mary Foley.
      PS I sent a silly email via IATEFL to Phil Brabbs (re webquests) and
      forgot to write my name at the end. Sorry.
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