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1899Re: [LearningTechnologiesSIG] Re: Updated Online EFL, ESL Resource

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  • laferlazzo@aol.com
    May 1, 2007
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      You raise a good question about link verification.

      I use a couple of different free online link checkers each month:

      _http://www.anybrowser.com/_ (http://www.anybrowser.com/)

      _http://www.dead-links.com/_ (http://www.dead-links.com/)

      I usually find ten-to-fifteen dead links each month out of the 6,500. It
      takes about an hour or two to do it, primarily because they identify quite a
      few links as dead when, in reality, they are good and just take a little
      longer to load. So I need to manually double-check each one they identify as
      dead. However, since they say many of the same ones are "falsely" dead each
      time, I don't have to actually see each one.

      In addition, I am guessing that there are probably another five or so each
      month that end up being linked to something other than they had been
      originally. If it's pornographic, our school's filter will usually block it when
      students try it, so I know to check it from home, but usually it's just been
      linked to some kind of other business.

      I work with my students enough, and other teachers in my school have their
      students use the site enough, that I'm also notified of issues like this.
      Also, other people using the site let me know when there's a problem.

      I'm always open to exploring new strategies, and appreciate your post.

      Larry Ferlazzo

      ************************************** See what's free at http://www.aol.com

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