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1898Re: Updated Online EFL, ESL Resource

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  • ict4lt
    May 1, 2007
      Wow! 6,500 links! What a resource!

      A serious question:

      How do you manage to keep all these links up to date? I manage two
      sites, both of which have around 1,000 live links listed. I do a
      monthly automatic link check, using Xenu Link Sleuth, and I find that
      on average 3%-5% of the links that I list disappear or move each
      month. It's a phenomenon known as "linkrot", which I document on this
      The other problem, which I also document on the above page, is that
      Xenu may show a link to be live but when you access it you find that
      it has turned into something else - or even something sinister! Xenu
      Link Sleuth can be found at:

      I read recently that the average life of Web materials is 44 days,
      which is the same as the average life of the housefly. This problem
      has been recognised by the UK Web Archive Consortium (UKWAC). See
      this news bulletin at:

      I have found the US-based Web Archive (aka the Wayback Machine)
      useful for tracking down lost or dead websites:

      Graham Davies
      Emeritus Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning

      --- In LearningTechnologiesSIG@yahoogroups.com, laferlazzo@... wrote:
      > I thought people might find these two updated sites useful:
      > This site has 6,500 categorized links specifically appropriate for
      > Language Learners. Links are verified monthly:
      > (http://www.bayworld.net/ferlazzo/english.html)
      > This blog has daily updates on new content added the main website:
      > (http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/)
      > I hope they are helpful.
      > Larry Ferlazzo
      > Sacramento, CA
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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