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  • waoe@mail.goo.ne.jp
    Nov 8, 2006
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      Presenters are looking for ways to preserve their presentations online,
      to make the slide shows and audio of live presentations available
      henceforward on one Web page or in one blog entry.

      One new approach with embedded Flash players from Odeo and Slideshare,
      which utilizes podcasting and solves Microsoft's browser and download
      issues with .ppt, is demonstrated in a blog entry at the URL below:

      "Interfaces of Bilingual Education, Japanese Socioculture and
      Podcasting Technologies"
      A presentation at the International Conference on Diversity and
      Community in Applied Linguistics:
      Interface, Interpretation, Interdisciplinarity
      Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia (21 September 2006)

      However, after earlier successes with Slideshare, it has failed to
      capture recent uploads fully, so the following Web page is a workaround.
      While scrolling down the slides, you can listen to the presentation on podcasting in the col
      lege EFL curriculum, including elements of
      Chinese and Japanese language education. Again, the synchronous or
      live presentation was recorded and is now offered asynchronously:

      "Podcasting for the College EFL Curriculum"
      A presentation at the Japan Association for Language Teaching
      JALT 2006 International Conference
      Kitakyushu International Conference Centre, Japan (3 November 2006)

      Collegially, Steve McCarty, Professor, Osaka Jogakuin College, Japan
      President (1998-2007), World Association for Online Education (WAOE)
      Online library -> http://www.waoe.org/steve/epublist.html
      Spoken library -> Japancasting: http://stevemc.blogmatrix.com