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1730Re: [LearningTechnologiesSIG] Moodlers Please Help!

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  • Przemyslaw Stencel
    Jun 9 1:39 PM
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      Hi Ruth,

      When we had similar problems, in most cases it was because the
      confirmation email which is sent out by moodle was filtered out by
      anti-spam filters. If the email does not reach the student, s/he cannot
      confirm the creation of the account. However, another account with the
      same email address can't be created, because it already exists in
      moodle's database (although un-confirmed).

      Whenever this happened, we simply confirmed the account manually for the

      Hope this helps,
      Przemek Stencel

      Ruth Vilmi wrote:

      >Can any Moodle guru please help me with a registration problem. Now, for
      >the second time this year, I have a student receiving this kind of
      >message from the system: ""Your registration has not yet been confirmed","
      >I'm copying and pasting the message I received from my Argentinian
      >partner, Rita Z, (some of you know her!)with the login problem. About 2
      >month ago a student in Kora had the same problem. The Korean created
      >several addresses, but none of them were confirmed.
      >"Today a student of mine, Bianca Palagonia (bianky_06@...), told
      >me last week she opened her account at your moodle, but never got her
      >confirmation of registration. In fact, when she wants to log in using
      >the data she sent, a sign tells her "Your registration has not yet been
      >confirmed", and she cannot open a new account either, for she's told her
      >email address has been taken... "
      >Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
      >Managing Director
      >Ruth Vilmi Online Education Ltd
      >E-learning, language checking and translation services
      >+358 (0)50 368 4696

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