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1721[LearningTechnologiesSIG] Moodlers Please Help!

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  • Ruth Vilmi
    Jun 1, 2006

      Can any Moodle guru please help me with a registration problem. Now, for
      the second time this year, I have a student receiving this kind of
      message from the system: ""Your registration has not yet been confirmed","

      I'm copying and pasting the message I received from my Argentinian
      partner, Rita Z, (some of you know her!)with the login problem. About 2
      month ago a student in Kora had the same problem. The Korean created
      several addresses, but none of them were confirmed.

      "Today a student of mine, Bianca Palagonia (bianky_06@...), told
      me last week she opened her account at your moodle, but never got her
      confirmation of registration. In fact, when she wants to log in using
      the data she sent, a sign tells her "Your registration has not yet been
      confirmed", and she cannot open a new account either, for she's told her
      email address has been taken... "

      Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


      Managing Director
      Ruth Vilmi Online Education Ltd
      E-learning, language checking and translation services
      +358 (0)50 368 4696

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