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  • james wilson
    May 9, 2006
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      First I would like to thank everyone for their input.

      In relation to Sophie's question:

      Yes, the school should be happy that it is freeware, what school wouldn't be?

      The idea behind all of this is the development of a blended learning environment that "could" assist our current and potential night students to be able to juggle their profesional/family and student lives better.

      As I pointed out in a previous mail, we have had a sharp decline in our enrollments over the past two to three years which is worrying. Our amount of day students has also declined but this is principly due to a gap in the population growth which "should" correct itself in a few years time, considering the amount of students in late primary, early secondary schools at present.

      It would be nice to be able to offer the night students the option to attend class once a month to iron out issues or to carrty out practical work, depending on the subject area. (we are a business school pertaining to the Poly of Coimbra) and provide the remaining syllabus through a CBL environment.

      This year a large bulk of my teaching has been with night students so I have had the opportunity to discuss the matter with them and they like the idea. (What working student, would not?)

      I should point out that I am not using the word "night students" lightly. They begin classes at 18:30 and finish at 24:00 yep that's midnight. I finish twice a week at 11:30pm (lucky me). Imagine trying to get a class of tired adults of varying levels to understand the difference betwen the GDP and GNP at 11pm. It's challenging.

      Anyhow, I won't bore you, so I'll finish here.

      Should you require any further info or have pointers to offer please don't hesitate to write.


      Sophie and Yiannis <yiansoph@...> wrote:
      It would be great to talk more about MOOdle here, too though.

      All of us are interested in this issue and it is a topic which often comes
      up so let's not 'kill it'. If it is of interest to us and we're here
      already, let's get some ideas down.

      What particular things are you interested in, James? Your institution will
      be please that MOOdle is free, of course but what other things are you
      looking for?


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      Hi Ruth,

      > Can we also use this forum for asking about/solving Moodle problems, Eric?
      > I have one ready!

      Of course, absolutely! And not just Moodle, but other VLEs and other
      technologies. If you go to the homepage (http://www.extremetechnoelt.com )
      you'll find links to a whole bunch of other forums about different
      technologies, and we can add more as required.


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