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  • james wilson
    May 7, 2006
      Hi all,
      I know some time back there was aquestion on the usefullness of the MOOdle platfrom but I seem to have deleted some relevant replies.

      As such, could I burden those MOOdlers to once again offer some info on the success and insucess of adopting MOOdle. Some case examples would be appreciated.

      My institute here in Pportugal is very conservative and "traditionally" focused in nature but it is considering new approaches to learning particulary as the intake level of our night students i.e. working students has begun to drop sinificanlty over the last few years and I am attempting to persuade them that maybe it is time they broke out of their conservative shell before it is too late.

      Thanking you in advance.

      James Wilson

      James Wilson
      Senior Lecturer
      Institute of Accounting and Administration
      Quinta Agrcola, Bencanta,
      3040-316 Coimbra

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