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1474Re: [IATEFLComputer Sig] software ideas

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  • Geoff Taylor
    Feb 7, 2006
      Hi Tarana

      on 6/2/06 11:14 pm, Tarana Patel at taranap@... wrote:

      > Based on requests from teachers at our institution, I am looking for skills
      > based and integrated software packages. We are currently using ELLIS but are
      > open to exploring newer and more affordable options. As far as the skills
      > based software goes, my teachers want some focused grammar practice for
      > their intermediate students. I am considering some packages that come with
      > textbooks by Longman and Oxford. I would really like to get any
      > thoughts/suggestions/recommendations of software that you all use in your
      > ESL Language Labs. Thanks a lot.

      I like the Reward Interactive CD-ROM series. Four levels: elem, pre-int,
      inte and upper int. But the ones that get the most use in our school are the
      pre-int and int levels. You get 40 lessons, duplicating and greatly
      extending and IMPROVING on the Reward course books by MacMillan Heineman.
      Each lesson has a range of grammar, vocab, reading and listening, and pron
      exercises - easy to link to a topic-based or grammatical syllabus. You also
      get periodic video lessons and review lessons. A good value one-stop shop
      solution, I think, for class use, guided study, free study. [Of course, it's
      all controlled stuff, with the computer in the role of the teacher.]

      Oh dear, have just noticed you're US-based. This is a UK English course,
      can't say if there's a US version. Sorry.

      Clarity puts out a good value product, Tensebuster, which is useful for
      linking to grammar-based syllabuses.

      Best wishes

      Geoff Taylor
      CALL Coordinator, St Clare's, Oxford, UK
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