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1295Cultural exchange for students

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  • marshall's
    Apr 30, 2005
      Dear All,

      Happy first of May everyone! I hope the month ahead is filled with more sunshine and more birds singing.

      I have just started a new yahoo group for our students in Asia. My idea is that the site could be used as an intercultural exchange between students from different areas. I feel that it would be a great learning tool if my students could have the opportunity to come into contact with students from different parts of the world and use English as the communication tool. I will moderate the communication between our students. I have also made the group�s settings so that no other language other than English can be used for communication when chatting.

      The website address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Chinesestudents. There are two ways of communication. The first is via E-mail as we do with these E-mails. The second is via on-line chat. If you go to the webpage you will notice on the left hand side the word �Chat�. If you click on this page you will automatically enter a chat room. I will make an announcement every three days for the time that we will be online chatting, and then we will chat.

      My request is that you please ask your students to join this group. I will make an announcement in about a week�s time so that we can begin chatting.

      Trust you are well and smiling,


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