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ailt nua faoinár sinsir / new articles about our ancestors

A chairde,   Mar tá a fhios ag cuid mhaith agaibh, scríobhaim ailt shaor in aisce ar ár sinsir.  /  As many of you know, I write free articles about our
Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh
Dec 17, 2013

Cultúr Gaelach ag Coláiste Uí Mhaolmhuaidh / Gaelic Culture at Mo

Ré:  Eachtraí i gCultúr Gaelach ag Coláiste Uí Mhaolmhuaidh Re:   Adventures in Gaelic Culture at Molloy College   A chara,   Scaip an scéal faoi
Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh
Aug 24, 2013

Cé hiad na Gaeil, Fir Bolg, agus Ceiltigh? / Who are the Gaeil, F

Ré:  Cé hiad na Gaeil, Fir Bolg, agus Ceiltigh?  Re:  Who are the Gaeil, Fir Bolg, and Celts? A chairde, Tá alt nua saor in aisce agam ar na ceisteanna
Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh
Aug 11, 2013

My new ebook on Mystical Ireland just came out

I hope this isn't taken as spam, especially as I mostly lurk, but I've been a member here for years. My first published ebook is out, a travel guide on
Green Dragon
Jun 18, 2013

alt nua / a new article

A chairde,   Tá alt nua saor in aisce agam faoi chultúr Gaelach ag:   /   I have a new, free article about Gaelic culture at:  
Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh
May 19, 2013

Re: My introduction!

Go to http://www.philo-celtic.com/membership.html to see how to join the online Philo-Celtic Society school community and sign-up for a class. It is free,
Gerry MéFein
Mar 27, 2013

Re: My introduction!

Thank you everyone that replied! Ill definitely look for that phonetics class. I think once I can read and pronounce the words correctly I can learn right
Mar 27, 2013

Re: My introduction!

Evyn, a chara, If you join the Philoceltic Society Online Startingtolearn class u will learn the phonetics of Irish in 12 weeks. The class is free, has lots of
Mar 26, 2013

Re: My introduction!

I believe the yahoo groups are all diminishing. There are a couple on Facebook that are active sometime. #gaeilge is one. Gaeilge Amhain is another, but as the
James Lout
Mar 26, 2013

Re: My introduction!

... Good morning from Seattle, Evyn. I think this list is all but dead. I've just lingered on over the years because it gets so few posts I haven't bothered to
Mar 26, 2013

My introduction!

Hello everyone! This is probably just another of my crazy ideas, but I figured, you don't know until you try!! I'm from Missouri, USA. Currently living abroad
Mar 21, 2013

ailt nua / new articles

A chairde,   Tá ailt shaor in aisce nua ar Sheanchas roimh an 17ú haois agam ag:   /   I have new, free articles about pre-17th century Seanchas (Brehon
Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh
Mar 5, 2013

Re: New

Conas ata tu a Tina,   Tá me ag foglaim gaeilge arís. Tá me ina chonaí i mbaile atha Cliath. Tá se ag deas bualadh leat.  Slán go foill.   Jackie ...
Jackie Heraty
Feb 27, 2013


Hello everyone. I am Tina and live in Misery :). I am originally from California. I love to learn new things, computer games, psp which I am new, meeting new
Feb 17, 2013


Contact: Kimberly Goetz Phone: (360) 402-8994 Email: seannosnw@... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEAN-NÓS NORTHWEST IRISH FESTIVAL RETURNING TO PORTLAND Save
Nov 9, 2012
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